So, this story will basically be about a character I own (Desire) and a character my friend owns (Galaxy). I shall not give out any info about this friend of mine. I ship these two, and so does my friend. We haven’t gotten to a point where we have said that they are canonly shipped, though. I am making this as a fan-fic/story for Galaxy x Desire (Dexy) Hope you enjoy! -Dante/Shelby WARNING: This will be in a semi-literate role play style; NOT like a written story (‘cause I can’t write like that ;w;)! WARNING 2- I will be updating the story frequently; don’t expect it to be long before it’s novel-long :p

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Chapter 1.

Short bio: Desire

Full Name- Desirenori (De-z-eye-er-nor-ee) [Goes by- Desire]
Parents- Kille and Dus (Other fan characters)
Gender- Male
Age- 16
Height- 5'8 and three quarters
Hair color- Brunette
Eye color- Magenta
Sexuality- Straight
Personality- Before you know him well: Rude // When you know him well: Kinky boi
Home- In a tree
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