Disconnected is an OC I've made on the top of my head this morning and thought I'd use it! Summary: Disconnected is a glitch. A dangerous one at that. People said that they saw him. They said that he had an odd look to him..that he'd disturb the server and their computer will crash. What do you think he will get you and how will you die?

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Chapter 1.


They call him disconnected....usually because they will be disconnected from their computers. They said he was odd...his voice,glitching from a normal voice to high then low then unheard. They said he looks like he was murdered...a huge,bloody gap where his heart would be and a bullet hole in between his eyes. How is he a glitch?? We don't know...we are investigating on him...well...it. One man said that these words popped up on their screens: 'when you disconnect from the truth,you disconnect from a life worth living. Don't mess with disconnection because you are connected to a bad fate.'

Then they said that it would come up out of nowhere behind them and breath on their necks. (A/N: I forgot to tell you how it looks. it has messy black hair with blood mixed in it,it's eyes all grey,and it's clothes were a C.O.D hoodie and black skinny jeans with grey converse,his skin is white with hints of blood on its face and its mouth was always open,widely opened,as if it's jaw was broken and it dislocated it more to look tougher,it always wore a red beanie,and lastly it always killed the suspects of murders...)

No one told me anything beyond that so... I have to search for more information on this glitch..hopefully we can get a lot of information in order to figure out more about this...creature.
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