Jenna Westwood: The un discovered princess

Jenna Westwood: The un discovered princess

About a young girl called mirrabella but when she was little, she was left in the woods to starve. A Nice family took her in and called her jenna. (Tremendous tale of lies and bravery.)

published on June 04, 20143 reads 1 reader 0 completed
Chapter 1.
Alone in the woods.

Alone in the woods.

A baby from the royal family had just been born. The kingdom loved the king, as he was a sweet and caring man. The queen however, not so nice. The baby was much like her father. Except one thing... The baby was smart. The king was not so smart. Then one day, the queen had an argument with the king. She was so furious, she cruely murdered him when he was singing a lullaby to baby Mirrabella. The sweet child started crying and the queen was in such a rage she cried ''Screw this little rat! I'm going to take you to a place where you will live for about a week, if your lucky'' So, she took her into the deepest part of the woods and dumped her crying by the river.
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