Thunder and Lightning

Thunder and Lightning

This is a story of my children. We were separated after a storm when we were on a cruise.

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Chapter 1.
Read the Description!

Read the Description!

Tails was running over to King Sonic's castle. He bust opened the doors and ran over to Sonic. "What's wrong Tails?" Sonic asked concerned. "Ez... It's Ezra." Tails said. "What's happened?" Sonic asked. "We don't know if she is-"

"If she's what?" Sonic asked. "She might be dead." Tails said as he gulped. Sonic got up. "Take me to her." He demanded. Tails and Sonic ran over to where a cruise ship was turned over. Ezra laid in a little bed. Espio was in a wheelchair. Sonic walked over to Ezra. Her eyes were closed and she laid motionless. "S-Sonic?" She whispered. Sonic leaned in. "Yes?"

"Are my children ok?" She asked. Sonic looked at Tails and frowned. Tails shook his head. "Don't worry Ezra." Sonic said. Ezra said nothing. Everyone came and went. Ezra and Espio were treated and would live, but her children were nowhere to be found. Little did they know that Sky the Hawk saved them.
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