MM16 amulet and light

MM16 amulet and light

I am continuing this on my 5-hour car ride. I just did MagiQuest. It was fun, you should try it.

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*Amulet and Light are running*
Amulet: you think we are out far enough?
Light: idk but have some Gatorade.
Amulet: so, we have to survive this place for 13 hours.
Light: pretty much.
Amulet: thats boring.
Light: lets exchange secrets.
Amulet: wait.
Light: what?
Amulet: i can make it so i can track the monster. If my center light glows, he's close. Also, this seems just like Object Terror 5. I think Merge Cube got lazy with trying to figure out origional ideas and started copying.
Light: ya. I think you are right.
Amulet: i told you i could track things, your turn.
Light: oh. Well, i,uhh.
Amulet: ya?
Light: *sigh* i have a fear of the dark.
Amulet: ha! Cant you just light up the way?
Light: well, its not the fear. Its how i got it. Holy shoot! This is like Object Terror.
Amulet: omg. It is! Anyway, go on.
Light: ok. It was in, uhh, 7th or 8th grade. Me, my friends Pool, and Casey were in an exploratory, detective games. The first day, someone was given what the teacher sayed was a foam knife that the assigned murderer got. The murderer would throw the knife at someone. The remaining people would try to guess the murderer.
Amulet: well, a foam knife isnt that bad.
Light: sush! Anyway, the teacher turned off the lights. Someone screamed, then the lights went back on. Guess what happened?
Amulet: what?
Light: i saw my friend pool, stabbed in the head. Killed.
Amulet: but it was a foam knife, right?
Light: nope. I then said "wait. This isnt foam!" This got all the students, even Casey, to think it was me.
Amulet: oh shoot.
Light: key charm was also in that class. She was a leader of this small alliance that dislikes how casey, pool, and i were oppisates. She was the one who said that i was the murderer, and everyone agreed. Then i got arrested.
Amulet: do you think she was the murderer?
Light: maybe. Dont trust her.
Amulet: was pool recovered?
Light: highly unlikely. The recovery chips were just getting invented, so i dont think so.
Amulet: you think he is gone forever?
Light: possably.
Amulet: you think she killed him?
Light: possably
Amulet: well, all i can say is to stay away from her. She seems like a nice person.
Light: it could have also been her friends. Now im scared.
Amulet: dont worry about it! She could have changed or it may have been a diffrent person.
Light: your right! *hugs amulet*
Amulet: wait!
*light's hand buzzer zapps Amulet's center crystal, deactivating it*
Light: ack! Amulet? Oh shoot! I think i killed her! She said she could track the monster. I can usr her corpse to light the way!
Merge cube: its time to release the monster!
*monster falls right infront of Light*
Light: uhh. Hi!
Monster: rayr.
Light: w-want some skittles?
Monster: ya actually. *picks up skittles* ill let you pass this time!
Light: oh thanks!
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