about a girl and a boy that go on a magical adventure with a unicorn and I am not going to tell you any more you have to read for your self

published on May 16, 201512 reads 7 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

the girl and the boy

The girl had brown eyes, dirty blonde hair (shoulder length) and her name was Emma she loved to make believe and she had a crush on this boy across the road he had blonde hair blue eyes he was very athletic and very kind they would play with each other every day ,but she didn't think the boy(Gavin) liked her so she just didn't bring it up ,but one day there was a burger robbing Emma's house (I know what you are thinking I actually ment to type burger he has sesame seed eyes and he has arms and legs) anyways Gavin ran over climbed up a tree and swung into Emma's window   then he wok her up, but then there was a twist on the door handle and then..,
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