Life in the BVB Army(?)

Life in the BVB Army(?)

It's a BVB story that will include Andly and other things. It's kind of just going wherever I think of.. The PoV's will change too... Just check it out! (Title subject to change)

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Chapter 1

*Ashley's PoV*

"THANK YOU GUYS FOR COMING OUT TONIGHT!! IT WAS GREAT PLAYING FOR YOU AND I HOPE TO SEE YOU GUYS AGAIN!! KEEP STRONG AND NEVER GIVE UP!!" Andy screams out to the crowd, earning a loud, united cheer from them. We take our leave as the next band sets up and walk backstage, getting ourselves prepared for the meet and greet. "Woo! That was amazing! The best show so far!" Andy turns and walks backwards in front of the group. The guys laugh and nod in return, pretty tired out from the show.
"I can't wait for the next tour." Jake takes a swig from a bottle of water before pouring most of it out on his head.
"Dude we literally JUST finished this tour. Can't we have a break before doing it all over again." CC laughs, shoving Jake to the side.
"I know I know but come on man! You can't blame a guy for being excited!" Jake throws the now empty bottle at CC as he rejoins our group.
"Ah shut up you two! It's not over yet! We still have the meet and greet to do remember? That's why we're going this way?" I push both of them further in front of me, making them bump into and knock over Andy. "Oops! You okay man?" I walk over and reach out a hand for him to help him up.
"Ouch... Yeah yeah I'm good." Andy smiles and takes my hand, pulling himself up.
"You better be. Otherwise those girls out there would be PISSED." Jinxx laughs, walking past me, grabbing Andy's arm as he does. "Let's make sure you don't get more hurt while the babies play." He winks over his shoulder at me. I roll my eyes just before both CC and Jake tackle me from either side.
"AH!!" I yell, now sandwiched between the two. "Why can't you guys just act normal for once!!"
"Because that's no fun." CC laughs, letting me go but staying beside me.
"Exactly." Jake chuckles, doing the same.
"Guys hurry up!" Andy waves at us, obviously excited to get out to meet everyone.
"We don't want to waste anyone's time!" Jinxx added, walking out with Andy as we catch up to them.

*Andy's PoV*

The moment we step out the door, hundreds of people are lined up waiting to meet us. Once Ash, CC and Jake catch up we all sit down at our table and start talking.
"HI!! I'm like.. Your biggest fan!!" A girl, accompanied by two annoyed looking friends, smiles and hands me one of our posters.
"I'm sure you are." I chuckle, signing it quickly and passing it down to Jinxx where he does the same. It continues like this for the rest of our time at the table. At the end of it there were probably 200 hundred of our biggest fans there.
"Um.. Hello I hope I'm not too late.." A short girl with black waist length hair. She stared down at the poster in her hands, taking small peeks at the five of us through her hair.
"Oh no of course not! We always have time for one more." I smile, reaching for the poster but stopping halfway in an attempt to get her to actually look at us. It sort of worked. She did reach out and hand it over but she only looked at my hand. "What's your name? We didn't do this for the others but I guess since you're the last one we can do it for you."
"Um.. It's Jinxx.. Like well.. Jinxx. Just it's my real name unlike Jeremy. But you can put my name as Annabelle. I'd much rather be called that.." She shrugged, peeking over at Jinxx before returning her sight to the ground.
"Oh really? That's cool. Say, how'd you know my name hm? Google?" Jinxx chuckled, looking her over.
"Ah! Oh uh no o-one of my friends told me. I'm so sorry.. I didn't mean to bother you or anything..." She snapped up and looked at Jinxx, her face a bright red.
"Oh no don't worry about it. It's totally fine." He shook his head, waving her apology off.
"By know I'd be surprised is anybody DIDN'T know our names!" I laugh, passing her poster over to Jinxx.
"O-Okay.. Well I really liked your guys' concert today.. I'm glad I didn't miss it." Annabelle gives a small smile pointed at us surprisingly.
"Well we're glad you didn't miss it either! We would've been missing a member of our army! We couldn't have that!" Ashley smiles. "Hey if you don't mind me asking, are you here alone, or are all your friends elsewhere?"
"Ash! You don't ask people things like that!" Jake smacks the back of his head.
"Oh no don't worry about it. It's fine." Annabelle giggles, looking over at the two.

*Ashley's PoV*

"I actually did come here alone. I met a few people but.. I think they left already though..." She shrugs, watching as Jinxx passes me her poster.
"You didn't have anyone to come with?" Jake tilts his head in what I guess was a mix of confusion and surprise. "No boyfriend or friends that would come?"
"Look who's asking questions now." I elbow Jake in the side as I begin writing, earning another giggle from Annabelle.
"No no it's okay. I get asked that a lot. No I don't have a boyfriend or any friends that would come or in general. I don't stay in one place long so it really doesn't matter." She gives another shrug before looking us over for the first time since she got here." You guys still have your warpaint on. Why?"
"We haven't gotten a chance to take it off yet. We usually do it right after we finish the show or the meet and greet. Whatever we do that night." Jinxx answers.
"Oh... Oh! Am I stopping you guys from getting comfortable? I'm so sorry I didn't think of that. The rest of you don't ha-" She begins to go into some crazy panic mode but Andy interrupts her.
"Please calm down. We love doing this, even if it takes 10 hours. We're comfortable like this anyway. Sometimes we forget and sleep in exactly what we're wearing. There is no need to worry about us." He gives her a big goofy grin that seems to calm her down a bit.
"O-Okay.. I'm sorry again." She sends a small forced smile towards Andy before looking to CC who now has her poster.
"So do you move around as much as we do when we go on tours?" CC asks as he writes.
"Pretty much. Just not to all the places you guys do. Though one day I plan to. Traveling is... Fun." Annabelle looks up at the sky for a moment before returning her attention to us. "Anything else you guys want to know? I'm an open book." She smiles almost like Andy had just seconds ago.
"Yeah, I want to know if you'd come to the bar with us after we're done." I smirk at her, wriggling my eyebrows. Of course that earns a smack on the head from Jinxx who glares at me.
"Can't you just NOT flirt with every girl you see?" He mutters, shaking his head. "I apologize for him. You c-"
"The offer still stands though! You seem far too interesting to let go so easily!" Andy smiles. "Of course you don't have to. I understand if hanging out with Ash isn't something you want to do."
"HEY! Why don't the two of you quit being asses and let me talk! It was my idea!" I glare at both Jinxx and Andy, momentarily forgetting about Annabelle.
"Why don't you shut up? Andy agreed with you so you have no reason to talk anymore. Plus if we let you talk all you would do is flirt with her! And I've seen you flirt before. You'd scare the poor girl away." Jinxx sighed, covering is face with his hands.
"He's right." Jake adds with CC nodding beside him.
"GUYS! You're probably scaring her away now! Annabelle is still standing right there!" Andy points to her as she stands very awkwardly.
"Um... If it would make you guys stop fighting I could go with you.." She almost whispers.
"Great! Meet us by our bus in... Half an hour? Long I know but that's how long it takes for us to get normal again." Andy chuckles, jumping up from his seat and smiling.
"Okay.. I'll be there." She gives a small smile before taking her poster and awkwardly walking off.
"Guys.. I wasn't just trying to flirt with her you know." I mutter, getting up.
"Then what else were you trying to do?" CC asks, stretching out his legs.
"I... Why does it matter just take my word for it!" I push past Jake and CC and walk back into the building, the others following behind.

(A/N) I hope you guys like it! I know it's kind of odd and possibly all over the place but I write late at night so it might end up good or a bit odd.. I'm sorry!
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