Yandere Story DEMO

A demo version of the Yandere story ive been wanting to do. If this gets enough likes and/or favorites, ill do the whole story!

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Chapter 1.

DEMO Chapter 1

"Ugh, im so damn nervous! What if he doesn't notice me? What if he hates me? What if he thinks im weird?" Yandere wondered aloud as she walked along to the bus stop for day 1 of high school. "ARGH!!!" she grunted in frustration. She had been wanting to be noticed by Senpai since 6th grade. Dominating in every class, rewriting the script for the daily announcements, editing the school newspaper, both the actual newspaper and the online version. Even notes in class & in his locker. Nothing worked. She had tried everything. Well, almost everything. She knew some other girls were eyeing him and flirting with him.

So this year, she decided to try removing them from the equation. She had a knife, a phone, well, kinda a phone, but kinda not. She could use it to take pictures of people, and get their stats and find out whether they were a threat to her getting Senpai to herself. She was so lost in her thoughts, she almost walked right by the bus stop. Luckily, she heard the bus pulling up and snapped out of her slight daze and ran back and got on. She looked around, but only saw one open space, next to a girl on a chromebook. "Mind if i sit here?" The girl looked up. She didn't have any specific emotion on her face, just a very neutral one. "Sure." she responded "Thanks!' Yandere said as she sat down. "Yeah" said the girl and went back to her chromebook. She became lost in her thoughts again, thinking about all the "What if's" "Ugh, your going after Senpai too?" Yandere quickly snapped out of her daze and yanked out her knife and tried to stab the girl right in the heart in one swift motion. The girl caught the knife an inch from her chest. "Cool it! I don't want him." Yandere suddenly flushed a deep shade of red. "He's my brother" the girl said, with apparent annoyance. Yandere flushed even deeper red than before, not knowing what to say.

The girl looked at Yandere, not with apprehension, but with a swift, calculating look. "Yknow, i like you. The fact that yer skilled with a knife, the way you pulled it out and made the motion in one swift move. With your skill with a knife, and my skill as a hacker, together we could eliminate all the other fools who want him!" Yandere was getting suspicious. Why would some chick she just tried to kill offer to help her? Once again reading her thoughts, the girl said "Because im sick of all them idiots fawning over him and trying to flirt with him. If its not someone, its someone else. I can never get him alone to talk to him because when i do, some other girl come and interrupts saying she wants to speak with him, quote on quote 'real quick' then they take forever, then when shes DONE, someone ELSE comes up to try to schmooze him. I'm SICK and TIRED of it." Suddenly she decided to help. "Sure. By the way, i never caught your name." "Oh yeah, it's Nousagi." "Yandere. Nice to meet you!" "Same to yeh!" It was that moment that Nousagi actually registered her name. "Ayo hol up. You said yer name was Yandere, right?" "Yeah, why?" "That makes this SO much easier. He's taken notice of you. So have I." "Ohke"  Then, the bus arrived at school. " Well i gotta go," Yandere said, "see ya at lunch?" "Sure, why not." Yandere smiled at Nousagi as she ran off to her first class after grabbing her schedule.
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