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this is my crimson peak fanfiction hope you like it. hope you like it. :)

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Chapter 1.

hannah paris is it?

It was a warm sunny day and I was in my favorite dress. I was excited today I was presenting my art to the admirable man who made many a people's dreams come true. Many people had sent him letters asking him to show there work to him only a few lucky people got that opportunity and I was one of them. So that day I had my paints, and a canvas, and one of my finished arts which I called "The flower of the Lake" it was a simple painting of a lily pad on a lake, but the special then about it was many people saw it different ways some people saw it as a lily pad on a lake others saw as a lake in a lily pad. Anyways so I was running threw the green grass when I looked up at the clock tower and realized that if I didn't hurry up I'd be late. I ran as fast as I could only making it there in time to catch my breath and start my presentation. I propped my picture up by a stack of books  and put my blank canvas on on an easel that had already been placed there for her arrival.  The men that sat around her seemed sad that I was a woman which I full heartily disliked. But I started regardless of what they thought I painted a recreation of another painting I had done, which I called "The Bamboo Panda" it was a bunch of bamboo stalks but by there shading in different spots there was a panda. Sadly in the end they didn't like it. On my way out a tall man with black hair walked threw the door and bumped into me causing me to drop my paintings. "Oh my, I,am, truly, sorry. Here let me help." The men at the tables scolded him for helping me "she's just a woman, she's not our equal leave her be" the man who had bumped into me stoped, holding my painting in his hand he looked up at the men, he then looked back at me smiling gently placing my painting back in my arms. After while I was waiting in the hall we met again he ran up to me Miss, I'm afraid I didn't catch your name. I smiled, "Hannah, Hannah Paris." He smiled, "I'm Thomas Sharpe. It was wonderful meeting you." He turned to leave but then quickly turned back, "oh and by the way I thought your paintings were rather good, don't you think." I smiled "Well, I afraid my opinion would have to be bios, being it's my own art." He smiled his gorgeous eyes gleaming, "Well it was nice meeting you Hannah" I smiled "You to Mr.Sharpe" I said and watched as he walked away.  

       Later that evening I asked my mother about the Sharpe's she did not seem happy at all. She warned me repeatedly that the Sharpe's were not good people. "You stay away from them, you hear me, I said stay away from them." I scowled, Thomas hadn't seemed that bad, he had actually seemed quite nice. "You hear me! She asked again, "Yes, I understand." I then ran up to my room crying, was I not aloud to have friends was that not aloud. He had been nice not bad. Why did I have to stay away from him. It didn't seem logical at all. I didn't like disobeying my mother but this time I was going to. She usually made sense but this time she didn't I was going to use my own judgement, all I had to do was make sure she didn't find out.

The next day I stoped at the bakery and picked up a loaf of bread and then was to go to the dairy and get some cheese. I was looking through the racks of cheese looking for the perfect one when out of the corner of my eye I noticed someone come in. Then I heard the man at the counter say "Oh good day Sir.Thomas ain't it." I heard the man who had come in laugh, "Eheheheh, indeed, indeed it is, mind if I poke around" he asked. "Oh no, not at all, of course not." said the man at the counter. While they were having there conversation I was quickly choosing out my cheese so that Thomas would notice my presence as I walked over to the counter. I mean yes I was deliberately trying to disobey my mother but, but besides that point Sir. Thomas Sharpe over there was quite handsome, and I wouldn't mind I if he noticed me. I gracefully walked over to the counter "could I have some of that cheese over there please." I asked pointing to the cheese in the corner. The man at the counter smiled of course Mi,Lady. That'll be 1 pound please" I smiled handing his earned money. Then turned around almost bumping into Thomas who had been standing a lot closer then I had thought. "Oh, I-I'm very sorry."

I said feeling my cheeks warmth rise. Thomas smiled "Oh, it's quite alright." He said backing up a little bit and looking down at the ground only seconds later look back up looking into my eyes. "Oh, your, Hannah Paris is it?" I smiled he remembered me. "Yah, that's me, and your Thomas Sharpe." He smiled "I didn't get a chance to say yesterday, but I really think your paintings are quite good." I smiled. Taking the cheese from the man behind the counter. "Thank you." I smiled "I am so sorry but I must go, good bye." He smiled. "Good bye Miss.Paris" I smiled and stepped out the door walking away,seconds later I heard him calling my name. "Wait, Miss.Paris! Miss.Paris!" I stoped turning around seeing him run towards me. He stoped out of breath standing in front of me. He held up one finger and I waited while I let him catch his breath. After he was able to speak again he said "I-I was wondering if you would like to go to the park and maybe have lunch with me later today." I smiled, "I would be obliged to Mr.Sharpe" he smiled "Please, just call me Thomas." I laughed, "Alright, Thomas, well I will see you later at the park" he smiled and asked "would you like me to pick you up from your house I've got a splendid carriage it's quite comfortable." I immediately responded "Oh no it's alright, it's quite fine I'll have my own men bring me to the park." Thomas's eyebrows furrowed, "alright.. well as you wish." I smiled and we parted. As soon as I got home I put on a nice dress.
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