Blue Exorcist: Michiko Amaya

Blue Exorcist: Michiko Amaya

A girl named Michiko has found her self living with our two favorite exorcist, Yukio and Rin. This is her story of how she made the hardest decision of her life

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Chapter 1.


Michiko Amaya was called many things, like: The White Wolf, White Flame, God's Angel, and etc. Though, her sister Koji and her twin brother Yuki just call her Mich. After the death of their mother and their stepfather's death, they went to live away from the city with their grandfather, Hisao. Now, imporant thing that you should know. Michiko and her brother and God's children. So, let's begin. "Yuki! Come help feed the sheep!" Michiko yelled. Yuki walked towards Michiko and smiled. "Whatever you say Mich. I take the bale of hay and you water them." He said picking up a bale of hay. Michiko nodded and went to go get a bucket. She picked up the bucket and went outside to the water pump. Koji was out in the stabels taking care of the horses. Michiko pumped the water pump and gave the sheep water. "Good job Mich."
"Thanks little bro."
"By a second!"
"Actually it was 14 seconds." Koji corrected Yuki. "Whatever you're nine!" Yuki snapped. "Come on you guys, all we have to do is... nothing. We're all done." Michiko said. They nodded and raced inside their house, more like a shack. "Grandfather! We're-" Before Michiko could fininsh she saw a strange man dressed in purple. "Ah, Michiko. My eldest granddaughter. This is a good friend of mine." Hisao said. "Hello, I'm Mephisto. The headmaster of True Cross Academy."
"Isn't that like, an exorcist school?" Koji asked. Mephisto nodded. Michiko remembered how exorcists killed her mother. "I want nothing to do with exorcists." She said crossing her arms. Hisao sighed. "Do not fret my child, he's here to protect you."
"Protect me? What about Koji and Yuki? And what do I need to be protected from?" Michiko asked. "Michiko, listen. There is something or someone after you just because you're-"
"What? Just because I'm God's daughter?! Or is it the fact that my mom was a demon and I am more demon then angel?" Michiko yelled. "Michiko, you can't stay here." Hisao said. "Oh I get it, you don't want to deal with a messed up kid huh? Well, fine! I'll go away if it'll make you feel-" Hisao slapped Michiko. "Shut up! I love you as my own daughter and you WILL go with Mephisto!" He yelled. Yuki took a step back and Koji hid behind him. Michiko touched her cheek and a tear fell down her cheek. "No." She said. Before Hisao could say or do anything, she ran out the door towards the stabels. She sadeled up one of the horses and rode off.
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