The Five Dragonets

A fan fiction of Wings of Fire *only one of the best dragon books ever* This is a story of what happens after their done saving their world.

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The Five Dragonets
Eggs: Sunnys View

Eggs: Sunnys View

Today is the day that my eggs are suppposed to hatch. Since, well, forever, StarFlight had had a crush on me. He had asked me out after we had started the school. Even though he can't see after the lava accident, he had been running the school and had been trying so hard to ask me out. Once he did, i said yes, and, i liked him too. Now we have eggs and are waiting for them to hatch. "Sunny!!" i heard tsunami yell. I immediately assumed we were under attack after living in a cave. "IM COMING!" i yelled, ready for combat. Even though i am a mix between NightWings and SandWings, i am a pretty good fighter. "I'm *pant*here!" i had said out of breath. "why did you run?" asked Tsunami, and then i noticed my eggs.
        "STAR FLIGHT" i yelled, "STAR FLIGHT OUR EGGS" i heard him rushing down, bumping into walls every now and then. We had 5 eggs. 3 girls, and 2 boys, hopefully. "i heard you yell," he said, "are our eggs hatching?" he asked, confused. We had the smartest dragons working on an antidote to make his eyes work better so he could see our dragonets. "yes!" i cried, seeing our beautiful baby dragonet, girl. There was a chance she could be, full NightWing, or a mix. She's a NightWing StarFlight!" i exclaimed. Just then the science dragons came in. "I think we have an antidote!"
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