Neko Akatsuki Lover

Neko Akatsuki Lover

The Story is about a neko called Hisako. (Enduring Child) Her mother died giving birth to her alone, and she never met her father yet,She was cheated on by her now ex-boyfriend Kiba. She runs off into the woods. Once there, she meets a couple of ninja. They try to kidnap her, but she makes it out of their clutches. Only to fall into the Akatsuki, where a certain person is the leader. Find out what happens when two long lost family members meet for the first time. This is a Naruto Fanfic. And their will not be lemons this time. (haha, lemons. So sour.) ^.^

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Leaving Konoha

HISAKO P.O.V.______________________________________________
        It was a cold rainy night inside the village of Konoha. The rain stung like a thousand senbon needles. No, scratch that, it hurt like a million senbon needles raining down. I had no clue where I was going. All I knew, was this was the last time I was going to walk down this path. It was darker and colder than usual. I passed the Uchiha compound. I didn't bother stopping by to see Sasuke one last time. I had an objective in mind. I had to go. There was nothing left for me here. My face was stained with tears. If I cried anymore surely they would become blood ridden. Although, I forget what I was crying about in the first place. Oh, wait, now I remember. It was because of him.
        "Hey Kiba! You home?" Hisako knocked on her boyfriends door. It was their 5 month anniversary. She was going to see him. She held a small box in her right hand and a bone for Akamaru in her left. Nobody answered the door. *That's strange, usually there is always someone home. Well, at least I know where he keeps the spare key.* She slipped a hand underneath the rug she stood on and grabbed a silver skeleton key. She placed it in the lock. She slowly turned it to the left and heard the clicking of the locking mechanism. She walked in and heard the sounds of moans. They appeared to be coming from Kiba's room. *Wonder what's going on in there. Maybe he just got bored waiting for me to get here.* She walked onwards to his room. The door was opened a slight crack. Just enough for her to peek inside. She saw a blonde haired girl inside sitting on Kiba! *Who the hell is she?!* She opened the door all the way. The blonde looked her right in the eye and smirked. "KIBA INUZUKA!!!!!! You f****** bastard!" The sound of your voice stopped him dead in his tracks. Akamaru walked over to you and sniffed your leg and whined before sitting down next to you. Kiba slowly turned around to meet your gaze.
        "Hisako? What are you doing here?" Kiba asked.
        "It was our 5 month anniversary. Notice the sarcasm on was!" You screamed and turned around. You slammed the door shut and ran off crying. Kiba hadn't even bothered to come check up on you. You went home and started packing up.
        *Guess, I deserved it...* Although, out of all the people in Konoha, it had to be her?! I knew she was a slut... but come on! Really now. Ugh, I can't wait to find my father. He better be nice. Too bad mother isn't here. She would probably have helped me. Wait... do I even have a father? If I do, then where has he been all this time.
'Up ahead of Hisako saw a couple black shadowed figures walking towards her.'
        "Hello, may I help you?" asked Hisako.
        "Yessss, you may. Kabuto... get her." Hissed the one figure.
        "WHAT!" Hisako screamed. Hisako tore off in the direction of 10 very powerful chakra's.
        "Don't just stand there! GET HER!" The two figures chased her. Hisako stopped in a clearing where the ten ninja stood.
        "Who the f*** are you?!" Yelled the black haired man.
        "SHUT UP! Can't talk right now...." She ducked down just as Kabuto tried side sweeping her. The group of Ninja stared. *She has some potential... Although she looks familiar.* Thought the orange haired man. Hisako formed some hand signs. "Transformation Jutsu!" Just then she grew a pair of pure white ears and a similar colored tail. She put her hand on the handle of her sword. She pulled it out of the sheath container. She held it up and went after Kabuto. She managed to slice one of his hands off. The two guys stopped and stared at her.
        "Kabuto, use the summoning jutsu I taught you." yelled the taller of the pair. *He looks like Marilyn Manson...* Hisako cocked her head to the side. The gray haired man performed the jutsu and a giant purple snake appeared. Hisako smirked, she charged the snake. As she did so she formed some hand signs again.
        "Shunshin no Jutsu!" She disappeared and reappeared behind Orochimaru. "This is your last breath!" She sliced his neck wide open before he could do anything. He bled out in a matter of seconds. She took her sword and brought it down the neck of the giant reptile. Once she hit the ground she did a couple backflips to get out of the way of the snake. It's head fell to the ground with a giant thud. "You're snake was pathetic. You know this was pretty fun, but I'm afraid that all good things must come to an end eventually. Bringer of Darkness!" Just then a large sheet of black smog covered Kabuto. He tried his best to escape but found that he couldn't. Hisako ran in for the kill. She stabbed at him and sliced him a lot. There was no way he'd be able to survive. "Release!" The smog disappeared, leaving a fake body behind. She gasped. "What, are you scared you'll lose to a girl?!" The Akatsuki stared at her like she was crazy.
        "Um, are you okay?" The blonde haired man asked.
        "He was too scared to stay and fight me. I hate people like that. Anyways, who are you guys?" She turned her attention to the group of people.
        "Well, my name is Pein and I am the leader of the Akatsuki. Who might you be?" Pein asked. *I've heard that name before, but where at?*
        "The name's Hisako... but people call me kitty because of the fact I am a neko. At first I was treated like a disease... but they all slowly warmed up to me." Hisako replied. "And who might the other guys be?"
        "I'm Sasori, of the red sand."
        "My name is Deidara."
        "Zetsu, don't worry if I talk to myself. I have a split personality. Just be careful of my black side. What is that supposed to mean? Exactly as I said." They kept arguing.
        "Hm..." Hisako turned to see a man with really long black hair looking at her. "She reminds a little of you Pein."
        "I guess, um, who was your mother?" Pein asked.
        "My mom, her name was Maria Namikaze." Hisako replied. "She died though shortly after giving birth to me."
        "Maria! That's the girl I got pregnant like 13 years ago!" Pein exclaimed. "So you must be my..... Daughter."
        "TOBI'S A GOOD BOY!" A hyper active boy blasted past me. He had an orange mask on. "Hey, who's the pretty lady?"
        "She is my daughter, Tobi. Don't TOUCH her." Pein glared at Tobi who ran off.
        "My name is Konan. You're so cute. At least you don't have to see Hidan or Kakuzu right now. They are very annoying." Konan emphasized the fact that they were annoying.
        "Hehehe, hey um, dad." Hisako turned her attention to Pein.
        "Yes?" He asked.
        "May I stay here with you guys? You seem pretty chill." She asked.
        "Sure, you will share a room with...." He trailed off into his thoughts. After about 5 minutes he continued. "You will share a room with Sasori. He has a free bed in his room and is not likely to pull anything on you." And with that you walked in.
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