Thae Haunting House

Thae Haunting House

Lisa, Hollis, Jessica, and Delbert think it's just a normal summer day. But when Jessica and Lisa are taking a walk, and Hollis is on some house stairs. They realize that this is not a normal run down house. When something is attacking them, It's up to Lisa and Hollis to save their friends. What will happen, will they see their friends again? Or are they just in more trouble than they already are? Read the book to find out. All rights reserved. Reader discretion advised.

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Chapter 1.

Season 1, Episode 1

One summer afternoon......

Hollis and Lisa were out side. They were playing 1 on 1. "He goes right, he goes left, brakes ankles, he shoots and he scores! 15 to 9, Lisa, you better catch-up." Hollis said. "Ah hush Hollis, I'm tired, we've kept restarting because I've been getting more points than you." Lisa complained. Suddenly, Delbert came over.

"What ya'll love birds doing?" Delbert asked. "Eww you know I don't like Hollis in that way!" Lisa complained. "Kidding!" said Delbert. "Better be." Lisa mumbled. "What?" Delbert asked "Nothing!"

The next day, Lisa and her sister, Jessica, went exploring the neighborhood. When they came across a weird old run down house, even more weirder, is that Hollis was on the steps of the house. "Hey guys!" Lisa looked around, "Oh hey!" she said, "What'cha doing there?" "Nothing much, just looking around the 'hood" Hollis said. It's not called a "hood" Lisa thought, and rolled her eyes. "Hey Jessica, where's your boyfriend, Delbert?" Hollis asked. "Oh hush, Hollis, you know you and Lisa are dating!" Lisa shoved Jessica, "Sorry." she said. Lisa whispered to her "Don't worry I kinda liked him anyway." Hollis interrupted "What ya'll talking 'bout" "Nothing!" Jessica said "Mhmm." Hollis said

Suddenly, Delbert showed up and scared Jessica. Jessica screamed. "Ha, ha, very funny. Now can me and Lisa take a walk now?" Jessica asked. "No," Delbert answered, "because, she's taking a walk with me!" Lisa looked sharply at Delbert. "Who said I wanted to take a walk with you?" Jessica and Hollis said, "OOOOOOOHHHHH!" Lisa smiled, "Kidding, lets go, Delbert!" He smiled, "Yay!" This boy here, Lisa thought.

"Okay, they're gone....." Hollis said, "Now what?" "I don't know......, I guess we could explore this house." Jessica suggested. "If you want to." Hollis sighed.

Meanwhile, Lisa and Delbert are walking down the street. "Wait, Wait, she picked up the snake..." Lisa laughed. "Yeah, she screamed so bad it was hilarious!" Delbert chuckled. Lisa looked up, "hey it's getting late, we should get going home."

While Hollis and Jessica were exploring the House, they went into a library, when thy saw something strange, it came closer and closer, then BOOM! Something had hit them. But what was it?

The next day Jessica and Hollis found themselves on a bed, in the kids bedroom. Jessica woke up,"Hey Hollis, you awake?" she asked. Hollis woke up "I am now" he said quietly. Jessica's phone rung, "It's Lisa, she wants to know where me and you are." Jessica said. Hollis looked at her confused, like he was examining her. Wow, she looks cute in this sunlight he thought. Hollis started to smile at her. "What?" Jessica asked. "Huh? Oh nothing...." Hollis answered. After 5 minutes of talking, they walked out of the room, and started exploring the house. After ten minutes of exploring the house, Jessica saw something strange. "Hey Hollis," she said a little scared. "Yeah?" He asked. "Did you you see that?" She asked. "See what?" Hollis said. "Never mind......." Jessica said.

Meanwhile Delbert and Lisa were playing basketball. "Hey where's Hollis and Jessica?" Delbert asked. "I don't know. I texted Jessica, but she didn't text me back." Lisa complained. "I did over hear them talking about exploring that run down house." Delbert said. "Uh oh....." Lisa said. "Uh oh?, what do you mean, Uh oh?" Delbert asked sounding a little uncertain.

"Didn't anyone tell you?"

"Tell me what?"

"There's a ghost like family in there. They hit kids to know them out and they put them in the kids' bedroom, but only if they go in the library."

They looked at each other big-eyed. "UH OH!!" The both yelled.

So they started their way to the house, running...

At the house, Jessica saw that same, strange thing she saw before. It looked like a little girl, she looked sad, like she had no one to play with. Soon after that, Hollis saw a dog-like figure. Finally, Lisa and Delbert showed up. "Jessica! Hollis!" Lisa shouted. No one answered. Suddenly Delbert felt something behind him. It grabbed his arm, and pulled him away. "Liiiissssaaa!!!" Delbert yelled in fear. "Delbert!" Lisa yelled scared.

Jessica and Hollis ran toward Lisa. "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Lisa said half crying. "What happened?!" Hollis asked. "Something took away Delbert!" Lisa said, now fully crying. "Hey, you don't need to cry!" Jessica said.

Suddenly, something was trying to take Jessica and Hollis! "Liiiissssaaa!" They both yelled. Lisa could only save one of them. But will she see the other 2 again? Who should she save?

Her sister, or her friend?

And will she ever see Delbert again?

Find out in the next episode of:

The Haunting House!
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