The Happiness Project (An Axl Heck Fanfic)

The Happiness Project (An Axl Heck Fanfic)

Axl. One of the most, if not the most, popular person in his school. Loved by everyone, and good at everything. Plays football, and is an aspiring athlete. Victoria. One of the most unpopular people in the school, and unable to talk at school due to her disorder. Trying to get through life at her awful school, where she learns nothing. The two of them couldn't be more different. But when they are forced to be partners for a school project, they get to know each other and learn to work together. But when they find they have feelings for each other, they begin to focus less on their schoolwork, and more on another project. One that is proving to be even more difficult than anything at school. A project on happiness.

published on October 07, 201625 reads 7 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

Author's Notes

Hi, guys!

This is a fanfic about Charlie McDermott's character from The Middle, Axl Heck. I love him a lot, and I had an idea for a story, so yeah.

Like Priceless, my Mika fanfic, this story is basically going to be the story of what would happen if Axl went to my school, or what I would want to happen. So it's going to be similar to those stories, because I just really like writing things like that. The story follows what happens when Axl has to be partners with me for a school project, and what happens after that.

I don't really know if anyone will read this, but I'm really just writing this because I want to, and because I just love Axl.

Anyway, I hope you guys will like this story!

~ McDermottsAngel/Victoria
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