I Didn't Know I Was A Demigod

I Didn't Know I Was A Demigod

If you're anything like me, you're sad that the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series has ended. So, to honor that, I'm going to try my hand at writing a spinoff! All rights reserved to Rick Riordan! Meet Dana Ross: she's nerdy and cool all at the same time. She is infatuated with the Percy Jackson series and Greek Mythology itself. Little did she know, she's been a part of their world without knowing for fourteen years. Trouble starts to brew when the Titans and Giants band together to try to retake Gaea and overthrow the gods. Dana is apart of the mysterious Prophecy of Four. Is she up for the challenge?

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OMG! You're Grover Underwood!

OMG! You're Grover Underwood!


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters created by Rick Riordan. I also strongly advise you to read all of the books before reading this story! Thanks!

"There is only one 'eye' in Edward!"
-Divergent Fandom
There are no words to describe how much I hate Mrs. Bennett; my English teacher.

Don't get me wrong, she's an okay teacher, but she's just so rude and weird. She gives my best friend Grady the creeps. He's always so skittish around her.

That's understandable. She is an old lady who sharpens knives in class and wears leather jackets.

"Miss Ross! What is a participial phrase?" Mrs. Bennett snapped her ruler on my desk.

My eyes widened as my classmates laughed at me. Grady gave me a sympathetic glance. "Um.. The participial phrase is used as an adjective phrase to modify a noun or pronoun, right?" I think that's it.

Mrs. Bennett glared at me. "No. Maybe if you paid more attention, you could answer a question correctly in here for once! Mary, you answer the question."

Mary smirked at me. "Gladly. The participial phrase is always used as an adjective phrase to modify a noun or pronoun."

Mrs. Bennett smiled and clapped in delight. "Amazing, Mrs. Bennett! Extra points for you!"

My second-best friend Serena raised her hand; but didn't wait to be called on. "That's so unfair! Mary said the exact thing Dana just said!"

Mrs. Bennett snapped her ruler on Serena's desk, but she didn't flinch.

"Yes, they had the same definition; however, Mary used the word 'always', meaning that a participial always modifies a noun or pronoun. So Dana, as always, was wrong."

Serena rolled her eyes. "You are so full of shit!"

Mrs. Bennett pursed her lips into a thin line. "Well, fine then..."

I had to blink twice to make sure what I was seeing was real.

Grady's whimpers told me yes, what I was seeing was real.

The teacher's leather jacket morphed into wings and her ruler into a fiery whip. She lunged at Serena. Serena jumped up and flipped her desk at it.

A lot of us jumped out of our seats and ran to the back of the room.

Grady took mine and Serena's hands and we ran out of the room as the thing struggled to get from under the desk.

"What the hell is going on?!" Serena yelled as we ran out of the school.

"And where did you get enough strength to flip a desk?!" I asked Serena.

We stopped running to catch our breath as we hid behind a dumpster.

Grady took a deep breath. "This may come as a surprise to you-"

Serena crossed her arms. "Just spit it out!"

Grady rolled his eyes. "You remember those Percy Jackson books I made you read?"

I nodded. "Of course! I loved them! But now is not the time to fangirl..."

Grady did his weird laugh he's always doing. "Don't you realize why I made you read those books? You are just like them! Think about it! You're parents won't let you use or have a cellphone, you're both dyslexic, you only have one parent, and you both are hyperactive!

Serena and I shared a look. Could we really be... I don't even want to think about it.

Serena rolled her eyes. "Ha ha. Very funny. You just wanted to get me back for eating your enchilada so you got Mrs. Bennett to join in on your sick joke!"

"No! I'm honest!" Grady pleaded.

I took Serena's arm before she could walk away. "No, he's serious. It all makes sense! Grady is our Satyr!"

She scoffed. "You're so nerdy, Dana. And if he's really a satyr, I want proof!"

Grady ripped off his jeans and kicked off his shoes, revealing a furry set of legs and hooves.

We both averted our eyes.

I gagged. "Oh, dude! It's not November! You can shave again!"

Serena's eyes widened. "Oh, no..."

Grady nodded. "It's true. I'm Grover Underwood, you're protector."

I screamed. "YOU'RE GROVER UNDERWOOD!!!!!"



Hey, guys! Pretty awesome for a first part, eh?

Anyway, Dana looks like Zoella.

I haven't figured out who I want to be Serena yet. I'm thinking of casting her as Selena Gomez.

Have any of you guessed who their godly parents could be?

The pic is Dana's outfit.

-bye, guys!
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