Love, and Death

Alex, Beth, Maggie, Hershall, Carl, Jace, Rick, Lori, Daryl, Carol, Michonne, Glenn, and the rest of the group try to find safety, food, and shelter. Their world was getting run over by zombies. What they like to call them; walkers. Jace, and Alex get married, and have a baby girl named Sophia. Lori loses her baby girl, Judith. Lori dies. Hershall dies. What will happen next? Read to find out!

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1

-Alex's POV-
My Dad, Hershall, and I were sitting in the living room with my two sisters, Beth, and Maggie. Our Mom died a year ago. She got bitten, and gotten a fever. She turned into a walker, and Dad shot her. We were all heartbroken.

Beth, got up, and went to the bathroom. I followed her. I saw her sitting on the side of the bathtub.

"Sis, are you okay?" I asked her, worriedly.

"Y-yeah. I'm f-fine." She said. She stutters when she lies.

"I know your lying. Tell me the truth" I said.

"I-I'm-" She started, but got cut off by screaming from the living room. We ran in there, and saw Maggie, and Dad trying to get walkers out of the house.

Beth, and I grabbed guns, and shot them. Dad, Maggie, Beth, and I packed clothes, food, guns, everything we needed, and got in the car, and drove off.

-Beth's POV-
I was going to tell Alex that I was pregnant, but my chance got ruined by Maggie screaming. Alex, and I were in the very back, and she was rubbing my arms to get me to calm down. I finally calmed down.

"I'm pregnant." I whispered to Alex.

"What?!" She whispered back, in shock.

"That's what I was going to tell you in the bathroom. But, I didn't." I said.

She nodded, and we laid down in the back seat. We talked, laughed, goofed off. We're closer than Maggie, and I. Alex, and I tell each other everything.

Dad, and Maggie were the close. They tell each other everything. Basically, Alex, and I are the least favorite in the family. When Mom was here, we were always her favorite. Maggie didn't listen to Mom. She'd always back talk her, and Dad would always let her get by with it.

Alex, and I fell asleep after awhile. We're afraid that we're going to lose each other one of these days. I can't stand losing my favorite sister. We've been through everything together.

I finally woke up. After 30 minutes of silence, I got bored. So, I woke Alex up. She groaned, making me giggle. She opened her eyes, and looked around.

"Where are we?" She asked, yawning.

"I don't know." I said, also yawning.

Alex giggled, and I smiled. Her yawns are contagious. So, is her giggle, smile, and laugh. I love her to death.

Maggie, and Dad were up there talking, and laughing. It made Alex, and I feel unwanted. We tried to run away all the time. But, Mom would always catch us. Until, one night. We successfully succeed running away. We packed clothes, food, everything we needed. It was fun. We were missing for two whole weeks. And, in those two whole weeks, we'd smoke, laugh, talk, drink, everything.

Maggie, and Dad didn't care, but Mom did. When we finally came home, Mom took us to our room, and we all three laughed. Mom was the one that actually planned it for us to see if Maggie, or Dad would notice, but they didn't.
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i thought alex and jade where married but then alex kissed nick and wha..?
on September 01, 2014