Poisoned Blood 3: Revenge

Poisoned Blood 3: Revenge

Carnee Campbell is still at the mental hospital. She's been through all this torture, and barely survived. One of her tortures, Dr. Saw, was the only decent and considerate surgeon. Carnee thought he was innocent, till he betrayed her. (Notice: Contains swearing, drugs, and violent and gory content)

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Chapter 1.


My name is Carnee Campbell. I'm an only child, my mom is dead, my new stepmom is dead. Now it's just me and my Dad. I've had a horrible past. I guess I'll flashback to where it all began. I was at the carnival with my dad and my (former) best friend Heather. I ordered a drink, and it was poisoned. I was taken to a hospital to be tested. They said there was no cure for it and I was held captive for about two months. There was a doctor there that would torture me in horrible ways. His name was Doctor Jonson. Claire, my nurse, she helped me. She was very sweet to me and tried to help me however she could. We killed Doctor Jonson and escaped the hospital. About a year after we escaped, dad and Claire got married. A few months after their marriage, I was walking home alone at night. I walked through an alleyway and I was being followed. I felt threatened and I started running, I accidentally killed an innocent man who I thought was one of my stalkers. A cop found me covered in the blood of the man. He took me to a mental hospital, where again, I was held captive and tortured by surgeons, seven of them. They did horrible things to me, cut me, ripped off my flesh, burned me, broke my bones,  and so much more unimaginable cruel torture. One of the doctors, was doctor Jonson's daughter, Lana. She was in control of it all. And Lana had a daughter, Heather. Who used to be my best friend. One of them was my uncle, who escaped from prison. He wasn't even a surgeon, he was just a terrible man and they took him in because they thought that he'd be a good torturer because he never felt remorse. It was the worst days of my life. Dad and Claire came to save me, Claire was killed, her throat was sliced, and my dad was also held captive for a while, he was also tortured, but not as badly as me.
   We got out of our restraints and killed all of the surgeons, except for one, doctor Saw. The one who killed Claire.  Me and dad agreed to help him at the hospital... To kill more people, but only bad people who deserve it, only bad people.
   Now Dad, Dr Saw, and I are going to work as a team. It's crazy, I know, I'm the one who was getting tortured, and now I'm going to help other people torture more people. Honestly I don't believe that anyone should endure the torture I did, no matter who it is or what they did, but I agreed, so now I'm stuck in the commitment. Dr Saw let me rest for a few days, to have a shower, to heal, to sleep.  I showered a few times, wore scrubs, tried to take it easy. But I didn't heal easily, I was beaten so bad it takes my body longer to heal cuts and bruises, which I had lots of. Scars healed a little, but I will have these scares for the rest of my life. My wrists where my hands were re-attached have scars, my belly has that long gory scar, my ankles have scars where my feet were re-attached. My hair is starting to grow back slowly, after doctor Storm shocked me and burned off my hair. I look a tiny bit better, but I'm still a total wreck.
"So... Whats our first task?" I ask.
"Well, we have to find our first victim" Says Dr saw explains.
"This is so crazy. Are we actually going to go through with this?" Dad asks.
"Yes" Doctor Saw says quite seriously. We're sitting in one of the lounges of the hospital. I'm not sure exactly what we're doing yet.
"I would like to clean this place up a little. I'm getting tired of seeing blood everywhere" I say disgusted.
"Uh, yeah, we'll see about that" Doctor Saw says.
I look down at my feet. I can't believe we're doing this, I kind of want to change my mind, but I don't think we can turn back now...
"Even if we do, hurt people, how are we going to get anyone?" Dad asks.
"Uh, well we can hire someone, like a... truant officer or something like that" He says, looking around the room.
"Lets go on the computers, and see who our first victim could be" He sneers.
"Uhhhh" I say hesitantly. He gestures to follow him.
"C'mon, it's start now or never" He smiles oddly. Dad and I walk behind him, following him down the bloody halls. It totally reeks in here. We walk into a room with a bunch of computers, and old files and books. I look through some of the files.
"Wow, some of these people are totally insane" I say.
"Well this is a mental institution" Dad says. Dr Saw loads up a computer. I look through a few files.
"Woah, some of these people are insane!" I observe.
"Yeah, we've had some pretty crazy people here. We either killed them or transferred them to asylums" Dr Saw said, staring at the computer in complete focus.
I still can't believe I'm doing this, helping my own torture surgeon kill people. I'm totally insane. I've been through all this crazy shit and now I'm going to be a torturer too.... I'm gonna turn into a monster just like the surgeons... The cruel torture had effected my mind? Who knows? I wouldn't. I'm the crazy one. I guess I have to remind myself that.
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