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I know this is a timeline of FNATL characters, so I'm gonna show you some stories of FNATL.

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Chapter 1.


Po is a red tubbybot with a circle shaped head antenna. She is in a state of severe disrepair with missing eyes, jaw, and a worn out suit, with a hole to the left of her face, and holes all over her torso, upper arms, and legs, and she has her endoskeleton parts exposed for both her forearms, her right hand, her right shoulder, her left thigh, and her right foot. Po starts in the Repair Room. A music box must be constantly wound up to keep her at bay. If the player fails to wind the music box, Po will stare into the camera. If the player does not quickly wind up the music box, Po will enter the office, the lights will flash, and Po will jumpscare the player. As of the 2015 Christmas update, her music box will activate at 3 AM in Night 1, and will be immediately be active in the other nights, winding down faster each night. Employee #3 says that he doesn't know why music box prevents Po from going to the Office. She is like Puppet, because both have music boxes.
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