BR: School(#14)

So... It's nowhere near Chritsmas where I am. I'm sorry about the terrible wiring, and if it's good... Ah, no it's not.

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Chapter 1.


She kissed him. He lifted her onto the bed. "Yes, madam." She smiled, and he knelt over her. He smiled, and kissed her. She felt him pull her suit off more. She held his hand, and he kissed her neck again. "Don't rush, darling." He kissed her harder, and she groaned more. She twisted, and they turned, so that she was on top of him. "Good." Now it was her turn. She bit his neck softly, playfully. He breathed, "Don't stop." She moved, so that she got a better grip on his shoulders. She bit again, and then kissed him. He didn't groan, but he breathed hard. Rose's heart was beating fast.
EJ gripped her back, just enough to make Rose stop and groan. He smiled, and Rose picked her head up, in joy. She didn't know what she was doing, but as long as it worked, she didn't care. EJ bit her neck. She groaned. He bit again. She breathed hard. Then, she was put on top of him. They were both gasping, and sweating. Rose smiled, her face touching his. She kissed him again. "Keep going. Please." She pleaded. He bit her neck, a little harder. She smiled. He thrust her hands around her back.
She groaned. She felt so happy. He twisted, and he was on top of her. She smiled, and EJ bit her neck. She groaned. He smiled.
"I won't." She wrapped her legs around his waist, and she lifted herself onto him. He smiled, holding them up. He was sweating. He pulled her suit off a little more. She let him. He licked her chest hard. She enjoyed it. He did it again, and let her drop. He panted. Rose saw him leaning over her, tired. She helped him lay down. "You okay?" She panted. He nodded. "Next time, we can't take so long. But I'm glad we did that. I got a little taste..." Rose smiled. "Good. Enjoy it, becuase it's the last time. Got it?" She kissed him softly. She didn't feel her cape on her back, so she guess it fell off.
EJ pulled her close. "Thank you, then. For saving me. If this happens every time, I'll get trapped more often." Rose smiled. "Or you could ask... I'd be happy to help." EJ nodded, and pulled up her suit. He looked outside. "Time for school!" Rose nodded. They went outside, hand in hand. Jeff was on the couch, Jane next to him. She went to the couple. "Rose, can I have a word?" Rose went with her to the kitchen, where no one was. "Umm, next time, can you tell Broken when you're going to... You know." Rose blushed.
"It's not like I plan when we're going to do that. Why, what happened?" Jane blushed. "Well, all she said was, she saw EJ, lick your chest, and then she left." Rose blushed, and looked down. "That what she gets for just barging in!" She finally said. Jane shrugged. "Fine. I'll go talk to her." Jane nodded. "Knock." She said, and then left.
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