The Story Begins #2

Magpie finally sets off on her journey to prove to herself, her mother, and others that believe that her sister is dead, that her sister is still in deed alive. She knows it's not going to be easy, but what she doesn't know, is that she'll be meeting some weird companions along the way...

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The worst...

Mustering up all of the courage in her brave heart, she set off. She hasn't flown on a LONG time! Shes been cooped up in her cave for a long time ever since the accident. She always thinks that it was her fault that she was gone, so she can't accept that it really wasn't. Besides, it wasn't her fault that the wild fire happened. Finally escaping her thoughts, she realized how good the cool wind against her black and gray wings. The clouds bellow her, wind strong, and the determination burning in her soul.
"Wow! i haven't realized how good it is to fly... i feel so alive and so ready to find my sister!" Magpie said to herself, there wasn't anyone to really talk to. Not yet at least. She continued flying for a good 6 miles, until she landed to the ground to rest. The area that she was in, appeared to be a forest. Not any normal forest of course! The bark of the trees were a dark purple, the leaves were a vibrant blue that slightly glowed. The grass was a navy blue, lined with tiny white flowers scattered about. She looked in awe, around in the mystical forest she landed in. She had to admit, she hasn't seen a place more beautiful before she isolated herself. She looked through the thickness of the leaves to discover that it has turned to dusk. She sighed, seeing a tall, and twisted tree, more larger than the  ones she's seen so far. Tiredly, she dragged herself under the tree. Later falling into a heavy slumber. She had a dream, a very vivid one. She was walking in a field of golden grass, with only pine trees making a border from the meadow and the dark forest.
"Magpie...?" Asked a familiar voice. Magpie quickly turned around, revealing her sister. Her sunset orange scales, her cloudy pink eyes, yellow horns and belly, with a necklace and a gem in-crusted into it.
"P-pippy...?" Magpie replied shakily. She turned at started walking to her, than trotting, then full on sprinting to her sister. Her sister did the same. Magpie expected a warm embraced, but was instead invited by a cloud of smoke. She opened her eyes, seeing that the once golden grass and sky, seeing that the sky turned pitch black. and the grass was dried up. She stuttered out words, confused. She heard a cackle, and she turned around revealing her sister... no more a dragon. But she was instead a.
"PIPPY?!?" Magpie yelled out to no one as she awoke from her nightmare. She was sweating, and it was in the middle of the night. She started to cry, no not cry, she started to bawl. Louder and louder every shaky breath she took, trying to calm down.
" Whats wrong friend...?" Purred a small voice from behind the bushes...

                                                                                     ~ To Be Continued...
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