The NineTail's child

The great enemy of the white wolf, Okami, is back. However, he has a story about his life before becoming evil. A day when he was nice and loving. This is his child(children), Anush and his mate, Amaris. What does fate have for them and his children?

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NineTail and Amaris

I remember when I meet her, Amaris...It was early in the morning, the sun just rising to say hello. I was walking around in the field of grass far away from the town. Then there she was, a pure white nine tailed fox sitting down looking at my moon. She had the same mask as me, she had the same red paint on the tips of her tail, and the same masks on her tails. I smiled lightly as she looked at me, I knew she couldn't see my smile but she knew  I was smiling under my mask. I sat down by her,  looking at the moon and my star constellation. "What's your name?" I asked, "I've never seen another one like me." She chuckled lightly, "My name is Amaris, it means 'Child of the moon'. I'm a albino snow nine tail fox."

I looked at her eyes. They weren't a pink color, but a icy blue color. She told me that her breed of nine tail foxs got hunted and killed only for their snow white pelts. That her mask tricked hunters to believe that she wasn't a albino. This shocked me, is this why there's rarely any nine tailed foxs left? I told her my name and as days went past we grew closer and closer, till we became a family.

One day, I walked to the same field I meet her on. Coming back from hunting, we made our den at that field. No one ever came there, so it was perfect for our new family. I saw her laying down looking at the stars, at the moon that was full and shinning brightly tonight. Amaris looked at me softly, she had  foxs kits. One was grey with silver paws, chest all the way around her fluffy neack, ear tips silver, her tail tips silver as will. She had four tails, her eyes a light purple. We named her Calliope, one with beautiful voice is what her name means. The second one was like me, a golden color pelt, white tail tips. He's eyes were a red color just like mine. He had two tails.

We named him Argider, Beautiful light is what his name is. The third one was a Pink Champagne Fox with bright green eyes, she had one tail. Her name was Anusha,  a beautiful morning star is what her name means.  The fifth one was a marble-phase Red Fox, one of his eyes where orange the other one light blue. He had seven tails. The sixth one was a cross fox, her eyes a bright blue. We named her Aneeqa, One who is beautiful. She had eight tails. The seventh was a fire and ice fox, he had six tails and dark green eyes. We named him Chandrakanta, loved by the moon. Then the last one, pure white like Amaris, her eyes a icy blue color. She had nine tails, a almost white silver on her ear tips, tail tips, and paws. We named her AnnaLynn, beautiful daughter. Her name meant it to, she was my beautiful daughter.
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I hope you guys like this story
on January 17