Fearless of Death

Fearless of Death

This is a story about a girl named Ruby who is a sixteen year old girl who only has five hundred and fifty more days to live.She will struggle to find herself and what truly maters to her before she dies. If100 people or more like the first chapter I will continue with this story and if not I'll just start a knew one so I don't have to stress myself out writing something no one will read. and if you want me to add some things in upcoming chapters email me here: annabeauty20@gmail.com

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Chapter 1.

Fearless of Death

Ruby is a sixteen year old girl who only has five hundred and fifty more days to live.The only things that make her happy are painting and drawing.She is not afraid of death. Sometimes she wonders what would happen if she died because she thinks no one will care if she is gone.Her parents died in a car accident when she was five.The only relatives she has act as if she were a curse so she lives by herself in an apartment where the rent is paid every month.The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step but will she take it.  

Eight days ago Ruby was diagnosed with an unknown disease.The doctors said she only has the rest of the year to live, but knowing she was going to die did not faze her.She did not even care.She sometimes thought, "What if I could die Know no one would miss me anyway." Life for her only filled with pain it was empty and meaningless.  

Her face was expressionless so know one really understood her. she would lock herself away in her own shell.She Had always looked like she was waiting for something.As if she knew something was rough with her. She welcomed death for it seemed to be the only way for her to be free.  

Even though Ruby wanted to die there were two things she did like about being alive.Painting and drawing they seemed to be the only thing  
she enjoyed doing.It reminded her of when her parents were still alive.A time when she always smiled.A childhood memory which is but a remnant of the past.  
She loved painting and drawing but what she loved even more was staring at an old painting left behind by her parents.It was a portrait of an unknown man who looked to be two years older than her.

While staring at the painting she saw that it was twisted to the side so she got up to put it back in place.As she was fixing it something pricked her finger and blood dripped onto the canvas.Then simultaneously something came out of the painting, It was the man from the painting. People don't usually come out of paintings but for some reason Ruby was not afraid.She felt no hostility coming from the man. What baffled her was that the canvas he came out of looked as though nothing had ever been painted on it.She became curious as to who or what he really was. She asked him who he was and replied, "I am the guardian of those who are pure and the reaper of those who seek death and are about to die."Hearing this still did not scare her.He continued, "You who were once filled with joy are almost devoid of all emotion. Without hesitation she said, "Well it's hard to still care about anything when all those who were close to you are dead."
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