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Pokemon luv guys how good can it get? Lol! Alright y'all ima start. Enjoy!

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Chapter 1.

Snowy day

(Note: Id like to give this Drabble credit to the creater of "Fear", an AureliaShipping story by RoyaltyGamer for the main setting of this Drabble. Great creator. Check him out if you haven't! Anyway, on with the story!) 

It was an ironic day in Alola, instead of the clear, blue skies, the chirping pikipek, the people on the beach, it was snowing! Shops were closed, families stayed inside, and the pokemon stayed in their dens. 

However, at the pokemon school the students were having a short recess. Four of those students at the school decided to stay inside, to keep warm from the cold. But, 2 classmates were outside, fearless of the cold, having a good time in the snow!

"Man! You don't see this very often in Alola don't you Lillie?" Ash said cheerfully.

"Yea, I suppose." Lillie said in a nonchalant tone. 

"Something bothering you?" Ash said with a concerned tone.

"N-no it's just. I've never... actually seen or experienced the snow before. I don't even own a sinister jacket! The one I'm using right now is Mallows, she was kinda enough to lend it to me." 

"O-oh! Well, is that something to feel bad about?" Ash said, still not fully understanding Lillies sadness. 

Lillie then takes a pokeball out of her pocket.

"It's Snowy, one of my greatest, bestest, friends in the world. She's an ice type, the weather she should be enjoying, and I don't even know.. how to experience that with her." Lillie said with a sigh. 

"Well you know what Lillie? I'm gonna help you enjoy the snow! I'm gonna teach you how to connect with Snowy in this environment! If that's what you want!"

"N-no, I don't want to force you  into anything because of my sadness." Lillie said.

"It's not because I'm doing it because you're sad, but because you're a friend, Lillie. That's what friends are for! They help each other! Now let's go experience the snow!" Ash said grabbing Lillies arm and jogging towards a big pile. 

While being pulled by Ash, Lillie realizes that Ash has been doing these nice things out of his heart for her ever since she met him. He wasn't faking it, wasn't trying to impress her, this was the true Ash. A kind, thoughtful boy that had a dream and cared about his friends.

Not realizing this sooner, Lillie become deep in a trance while doing the snow-filled activities with Ash.

"Earth to Lillie? Hello?" Ash says with a chuckle.

"Who what wher- oh sorry Ash, I must've dozed of." Lillie said with another sigh. Still realizing the things about Ash.

"Haha, must be the cold, anyway, take out Snowy! She's gonna love this wonderful, natural surprise Virizion and you have given her. (I kinda assumed Virizion was the "Mother Nature" of pokemon, so I went with it. Lol!) 

"Snowy! Come out please!" Lillie says.

"The white, icy Vulpix leaps out of the pokeball with the happiest face ever.

"Vreee! Vreee!" Vulpix says with joy as she tackles Lillie joyfully, falling onto the snow flat surface. 

"Ahh! That reminds me! I forgot one of the most important things about the snow! Making Snow Angles!" 

"Vul?" Snowy said confused.

"What are snow Angles?" Lillie said confused as well.

"Snow Angles are where you lay your body flat on the snow" Ash says while showing and example, "and spreading your arms and legs in and out!" 

"And when your done, get up, and viola!" 

"Lillie was amazed by what she saw, almost an imprint of a flat, paper Ash on the snowy floor. 

"Snowy! We gotta try this!" Lillie said is enjoyment.

"Vul! Vulpix!" 

After the two made countless snow angles, Ash realized it was almost time to go in for the recess. The two began to walk when suddenly.

"B-brr.. I f-feel c-cold" Lillie said. 

"How? You're wearing a jacket and scarf?" Ash said bamboozled. 

"All the snow from m-making snow angles has gotten on my hair, and b-back" Lillie says in a cold tone. 

"Here, have my hat and jacket for the extra warmth." Ash says aggreingly.

"What about you? You'll freeze!" Lillie says worrisome.

"Not to worry, Litten come on out!" The small cat comes out of his pokeball ready for whatever awaits him.

"Hey Litten, throw an ember up in the air slightly, and aim it to land on your tail. I promise we will get some practice in later? Alright buddy?" 

"Meow! Meow!" Litten says excited.

The ember lands on Litten's tail, warming the path to the school. 

While walking. Lillie begins giving looks at Ash, and in the warm sensation of the firey tail. She felt a comfort around the boy. And began to lay her head on his shoulder with her hands in her pockets. 

"What are you doing Lillie?" Ash says in concern for her friend, giving him back his jacket. 

"All I need to keep me warm from the cold, is an amazing friend like you. Lillie says giving the hat back to Ash" 

"O-oh t-thank you." Ash said jittery.

And that's how it was for the rest of the walk home. Two classmates, next to each other. In the cold, able to be warm with their own bond in the cold.
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