Totally Dramatic Love

We've all met Chris Maclean, The Sadistic Yet Lovable Host. And We've All Heard Of Total Drama Island. And now it starts, the campers, Gwen, Duncan, Andrew, Beth, Heather, Lashawna, Lindsey, Owen, Tyler, Justin, Owen, Katie And Sadie, Alysa, And More campers start they're new life on Total Drama Island.

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Chris's P.O.V
"is Everyone Here Yet?"
Duncan Asked, Tired Of Waiting.
"No, Actually. We're missing A Camper." I Replied
"Who?" Andrew Asked Impatiently.
"her Name Is..."
I Turned To The Campers, Who Were All, Strangely, Staring In The Distance Behind Me.
I Asked. I turned around to see what everyone was staring at.
Riding On The boat to the dock, was the last camper.
She had long brown hair that was straight going down to her hips. She had bright green emerald eyes and cat like eyelashes. She was wearing a black sleeveless
black top with big white bold letters that said... i have no idea what they said...because it looked like Japanese or something. She was also wearing black shorts and black heels. She was.., pretty buh-lack. The boat  bumped into the dock, and she stepped down.
(*justins hot music playing XD*)
"Whats Up Alysa?"
i said as i greeted her with a fistbump.
"eh. I see Birds, clouds, so on."
She smiled and i returned it.
I Turned to the campers.
"This Is your other, Host/my assistant!"
"Hey Guys."
She smiled that awesome smile again and waved.
"This is Alysa,"
I Said.
Everyone Waved and said, 'hey', 'hi', 'whats up', so on.
"So.. this is the dump we're staying in?"
gwen asked.
"No, this is the dump YOUR staying in! Me and Alysa are staying in a cabin a little bit ways west!"
I replied and Gwen rolled her eyes as Alysa let out a chuckle."
I led the campers to their cabins.
"Okay, Girls in that cabin, guys in the other!'
after they settled in, i walked Alysa to our campsite.
"so, this is our home for the next eight weeks!" I said.
She smiled.
"can't wait. This is gonna be awesome!"
We played around for a while, had dinner, and goofed off.
We stayed up 'till 11:50, then went into our cabins.
we said goodnight, and went to sleep.

This Was Going To Be An Amazing Eight Weeks.
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Cool so far!
on June 17, 2014
on June 17, 2014