Everything within

Everything within

"You are my everything," he claimed softly. Crystal was the school nerd she was very smart, but when the new kid came around these two seem to crash into each other. Both are open to the possibility.

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Chapter 1.

1 waking up

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock buzzing off. my hand waves cluelessly in the air until it landed on the alarm clock I hit the alarm clock off. I lay still, groaning exhaustedly before rising up and making my way to the bathroom, clothes bundle safely into my arm.  I turn on the shower and step in.
I begin humming a song as I wash my hair and body. I wrap myself up and grab my clothes and got dress into a nice red shirt and tight blue jeans. I strapped on my shoes and head to the kitchen.
"Hey honey, how are you?"my mother ask handing me some breakfast I gollop up the food before answering.
"I am find mom, thank you for asking," I anwser  politly. "Now may you please drop me off to school, I don't want to be late," she urge staring at her mother.
Her mother frown, "but it's only 7:15am," she anwser briefly staring at her clock.
"I know mom, but I want to get there early so I can help the staff with the last minute preparation of the school dance this saturday," she reply simply.
Her mother let out a defeating sigh, "alright crystal, just let me grab my coat and phone," she reply strolling away to fetch her things.

I waited silently, a stran of my long curly red hair cover her eyes. I quickly moves it out the way, but the stran of the hair block my seeing once more.
"I groan,i have to cut my bangs,"I thought
I adjust my brown frame glasses just as my mother came back, I sat up straight since I was leaning on the counter before and let out a small smile.
"Are you ready mom?" I asked.
Her mother nodded and begin walking out the door. I follow hopping into the cars passager seat. I quickly buckle up as the car begin to rumble to life and drive off. I open up the mirror above the seat and look at myself my freckle face and brown eyes reflected back at me. As I took out my lip gloss and gave my lips a layer of gloss, getting it to shine a bit more. I adjust my glasses again, before shutting the mirror.
"Mom", I begin breaking the silence that have been filling the car more than I like it too.
"Yes crystal,"she reply not taking her eyes off of the road ahead.
"I think I going to need new glasses,"I said adjusting my glasses again.
"Why is that, crystal?"she asked glancing over at her daughter and back to the road.
"Because my glasses keep falling off my face, they to big," I complain.
She nod, "ok honey we get you some this weekend,"she said pulling in front of the school.
I check my watch 7:30am "not bad," I said gathering my things and hopping out.
"Thanks mom," I said walking into the school.
My mom wave behind and drove off, I enter the school.
My books collapse out of my hand and to the floor.
I heard someone laughing "hey nerd"before walking off.
"Great another day in paradise", I mumble to myself sacastumly before bending down and picking up my books.
I walk to my locker putting everything in it besides my notebook for science and my journal for math.
I walk towards the gym seeing the drama teacher Mrs.das talking to the assistant principal.
"Um, hi,"i said shyly getting both of there attention.
Mrs. Das smile at me, well "hello Crystal," she said walking towards me. "Are you ready to help?"
I smile, "y.yes I am,"I said softly, "what do you want me to do?"
Mrs. Das told me to go and help Layla with the posters and celen decoration. I nodded and head straight to Layla .
"Hey Layla", I greeted. Layla smile at me, before leaning over and giving me a hug.
"Well about time you get here,"she said. Before returning back to her work.
I chuckle softly adjusting my glasses "yeah sorry," I  said helping her.
"It's find, darling"she said waving her free hand around.
I laugh at her, "o.ok" I said, "now shall we finish this up?"
"I thought you never ask,"she teased chuckling a laugh before turning back to the work. I laugh with her and started on the other side.
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