Pokemon Truth or dare Part one.

Pokemon Truth or dare Part one.

The Name says it all. Charters: ALL CHARTERS! Oc's: Scarlet, Star, S, Samil, Seri.

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"HM... I'm bored." Scarlet groaned. "Lets play a game" Scarlet said right after.  "I HAVE AN IDEA" Mallow yelled. "Is it truth or dare" Serena asked. "YES! How did you know?" Mallow asked. "Its a game that everyone plays" Serena replied. "OK ILL GO FIRST" Scarlet yelled.  "Serena TorD" "Hm... Truth." Serena replied. A face of 'I'm gonna make you blush' "Who do you have a crush on?" Scarlet asked. "WHAT?!" Serena yelled with her face red as a tomato. "Um... Um..." Serena stumbled over her words. "ASH!" Serena yelled. She ran away immanently. "What?" Ash asked. "THANK ARCUS HE'S DENSE!" Scarlet yelled. "What?" Ash asked. "Its nothing." Scarlet said. "Ima go drag Serena back here." Scarlet said.  Scarlet walked out the room only to come back five minutes later dragging Serena by the ear. "SCARLET I HATE YOU!" Serena yelled. "Serena we're sisters. Sisters say that all the time." Scarlet said casually. "Whats a 'Crush'?" Ash asked. "You don't need to know" Scarlet said trying to be nice to Serena. "But what is a crush?" Ash asked again. "Ash. Shut. Up." Scarlet said getting mad. "OK" Ash said not wanting Scarlet throw out Espeon and have her use psychic. "Serena its your turn to ask May TorD" Scarlet said. "OK, May TorD?" Serena asked. "Dare." May replied. Serena had the same look as Scarlet on her face. "I dare you to... Kiss Drew on the check" Serena dared May. "I hate you." May declared. May kissed Drew on the check and her and Drew's face turned red. "OK  Dawn TorD?" May asked right after. "Dare" Dawn replied. "Holy crap" Scarlet said worriedly looking at her phone. "What?" Lillie asked. "There's a group of Catina (Cat-teen-a) living in the forest behind my old house. Its not new news to me" Scarlet replied. "Why is it not new news to you?" Ash asked. Scarlet got a scared look in her eyes. "May D-don't have a dare f-for Dawn?" Scarlet said dodging the question. "Oh yeah Dawn I dare you to sing 'I'm a banana' to Paul who's washing his hands for plot convince." May dared Dawn. "Um... OK?" Dawn said not knowing what that song is. "OH WAIT I KNOW WHAT THAT SONG IS!"  Dawn yelled. She left the room to go do it. "I'm gonna record this." Scarlet said. She pulled out her phone out and turned on video.

"Paul" Dawn said. "What Dawn?" Paul asked. "I'm a Banana!" Dawn yelled. "What?" Paul asked. "I'm a Banana! I'm a Banana! I'm a Banana! LOOK AT ME YEAH! YEAH! I'm a Banana! I'm a Banana! I'm a Banana!" Dawn sang. Paul had a look on his face like 'What the heck?' "Banana power! Banana power! Banana power! Banana power! Banana power! Banana power!" Dawn sang. "OK I'm done" Dawn said. "THAT WAS BOOTIFUL!" Scarlet yelled. " WHAT?!" Dawn yelled. "I'm a post this on Twitter." Scarlet said "NO!" Dawn yelled. "Too late."  Scarlet said looking at Dawn with a look of trolling look

OK that's all for part one! See ya in the next part!
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