Genderbents coming to the rescue

Genderbents coming to the rescue

Have you ever wondered what would happend if our genderbents come to our dimension? Well this is the story of evreything we came through when that happend...

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A visit

Ashley POV.
I was walking with carter at the park,we were in a date and even if we were in a date...i brought my iphone!do you guys really think that i wouldnt bring it with me?!not even crazy,but yeah,i know,i was trying to not use it to much,cause we were in our date and we wanted to enjoy it,until some kind of portal was infront of us,making us gasp we backed up a little,confused and shoked what was happening,until we saw a fox,a hedgehog and some other species,carter stand infront of me,to "protect me"
Then,our jaws droped when we realized it was sonic,tails and my friends,wait,no,but,they were in version genderbent!
We could not believe this.

Tails:*blows up her bang out of the way while holding a control*
Sonica:*sighs heavily and strechs her arms *so,were here...*she said with her female version of sonic*
Tails:yes yes,now lets go search for-*she stopped talking when she saw ashley and carter infront of them*oh!
Sonica:soooo,looks like we already found some of them
Sonica:hello!my name is sonica!whats yours?!*she mutterted with a smile as she handshake both of them* ashley!and this is carter*
Sonica:nice to meet you guys,let me present you one of my friends,that you might already know,kameo,chris,sage and destiny
Tails:anyways!now!*accidently drops control and it breaks*
Tails:um hehe*blushes with a nervouse smile*sorry...
Sonica:its okay!maybe the tails of this world can fix it!right?*looks at ashley and carter*
Both:oh yeah of course!
Sonic:alright,lets go!

-when they arrive-

Tails:what the!i thought that was impossible!
Ashley:well it is possible
Tails:hmmm...*rubs chin*so you want me to repare your control so you can go back to your own dimension?alright,ill do it but...why did you guys even came to our dimension anyways?
Tails(Female):right!that,we wanted you guys to help us to defeat Dr.Eggwoman!!she has robotized one of our friends and the rest of mobians!
Tails:*looks at carter and ashley,then suddenly there is a knock on the door,so he went to open the door,it was sonic,crystal,kameo,sage and destiny*
Sonic:hey tails!whats the problem? *he said with his smile as he walked in with the others *
Tails:sonic!oh thank goodness you brought the others!well-
Sonic:what the heck!!*he exclaimed when he saw he genderbents of the others,same as the others were suprised *
Gir:OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~is there a genderbent of me too?*he asked with his robotic voice while being hold by crystal*
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