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My abusive father

My abusive father

Hi ! My name is Hikari (yes that's a Japanese name) I am 6 years old. I most of the time hide in a closet with my 4 year old sister because our dad beats us up. He does because he gets drunk and usually gets in fights at clubs and takes out all his anger on us. My mom died 2 years ago and this made dad very sad and angry, he was angry because she was shopping when this guy took her and stabbed her so that made dad upset. He's very depressed nowadays, and he's not the dad I remembered years ago.

Our family is going through tough times and well..*sigh* I dunno anymore.

I was in my bedroom reading when I heard footsteps and they got louder and louder, I got really scared and was hoping it wasn't dad. Someone opened my door "Hikari.." Yup it was my dad. He opened the door wider and revealed bruises and cuts which meant he was fighting again. He smelled of achohal, 'uh-oh' I thought as I got off my bed. My dad charged at me and pinned me down "d-daddy !" I got wicked nervouse and started shaking. He grinned and punched me numerous times, I could tell I was going to be getting a ton of bruises after this. He then got up, I tried to make a run for it but he grabbed my wrist, "ah !" I squeezed my eyes shut and prepared for the worst. He kicked my back and caused me to fall over. He then grabbed my shirt and forced me to flip over. He punched my jaw really hard, I screamed in pain.

"D-daddy..please stop" he laughed "nope I'm not done yet" he said as he grabbed my sleeve and held me up. He acted as if I was his own personal punching bag. Then he threw me onto my bed and stormed out of the room. I shook and got teary eyed, tears then slid down my cheek "mommy..please come back...and make daddy be like..the daddy I used to..know" I whispered as I curled up into a ball.

Later I went into my sisters room and saw that daddy must have hurt her as well when I saw she had a black eye and bruised arms. She was sitting on her bed hugging her stuffed bear mommy gave her, I grabbed her wrist and me and her went into the basement and ran into the closet, the closet downstairs is really dark and long, it was a walk in closet. Dad rarely goes downstairs so we hide here after he beats us. We went to the very end of the closet and grabbed a big empty box and hid under it. We usually stay here till like midnight or until we hear crickets chirping which means it's night. I held my sister and she leaned against my chest. "Hikari ? Why does daddy hurt us ?" She asked/whispered "I don't know..because he's angry I guess" I whispered back.

We stayed under the box for a while, we then heard "Hikari ? Manaka ?" We faintly heard it anyway. (Manaka's my sisters name) I could feel Manaka shaking,probably because she's scared. I was scared to. We still didn't come out of the box.

A couple hours later my stomach growled lightly "I'm hungry.." I muttered to myself, Manaka shifted a bit "it's cramped in here" she told/whispered to me "I know" I whispered.

We stayed in the box for what felt like a enternity. We could hear footsteps from upstairs and then we could barely hear them 'daddy must be going to bed..' I thought as I shifted. After a while I got an idea "hey let's run away !" I whispered to Manaka, she nodded. She then rubbed her eyes "I'm tired Hii-kun" she whispered (that's a nickname she gave me) I then lifted up the box and we both got out.

Manaka went to her room and grabbed her teddy bear and then we both ran out into the street, a car honked it's horn, I grabbed Manaka's wrist and we both ran to the sidewalk. 'Man were idiots..' I thought as we started walking.

Tell me if you want me to continue this in the comments :)
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on June 23, 2017
Please continue!
on September 13, 2014
Yes do continue. It's really good so far!
on September 12, 2014
LOVE THIS but I'm not sure if a six year old knows about being drunk
on September 09, 2014
i like it! please continue!
on September 09, 2014