BR: The End of Offenderman's Hauntings (#7)

When Broken gets attacked by Offenderman as punishment for not letting Rose have him, everything goes wrong. Can Rose make Offenderman leave? Or just leave them alone?

published on January 29, 20164 reads 4 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.


EJ, Rose, and Toby went outside in search of Offenderman. They heard a sound behind them. Black Rose turned. Offenderman was behind them. He was taller, and had a lot of blood on him. He knocked Black Rose back, and EJ ran toward him. Offenderman growled. "You destroyed me!" Rose got up. "No. No, I did." He looked at her. Toby ran into the forest. She looked at him. Offenderman picked her up. He flipped his hand, and went flying.
Rose landed in a tree. EJ was recovering, and she grabbed his hand. "Run!" She whispered. "I feel like I upsetting a T-Rex." They stopped, because EJ couldn't run anymore. They were way out of where Offenderman was headed. "We are!" Offenderman looked their way. Black Rose paled. EJ and Rose split up, having no choice. Offenderman went for her, being Offenderman. "Darn." She ran as fast as she could. Jane came outside, and Rose saw her. "No time." She said. Jane ran by her. "You distract. I'll attack." Rose nodded and made her stand.
Offenderman grabbed her. "I wouldn't." Rose murmured. Jane jumped on his back. She stabbed him mercilessly. He roared, and then Jane jumped off as her swung at her. She hit the ground hard, but Rose was able to escape. EJ caught her. "Come on." She ran towards the woods. She saw Toby, and ran for him. "Toby!" He saw her. "Black Roee! Behind you!" She looked, still running. She tripped, Offenderman caught her arm. She screamed.
Her knife couldn't completely cut off the arm, but it did some damage. Offenderman still had her. He lifted her up by her hand. Her shoulder popped. "Shoot." Rose could feel it come out of its socket. Offenderman smiled. "No one is here to save you." Rose gasped. "No..." He smiled. They were face to face now, and Rose threw her knife at him. He sidestepped it, but apparently forgot about her second knife. She threw it where he sidestepped. It hit its mark.
His eye was bloody. She saw EJ, who was climbing a tree. Jane was nowhere to be seen. Toby was trying to grab Rose's knife. Rose, however was terrified. She couldn't do anything. She tried to pull herself up, but her arm had come out of it's socket. She groaned. Her vision swam.
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