To my ex ...

something that recently had happened. he played with my feelings. I am never trusting anyone...

published on March 1245 reads 14 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.

How we met.

On the first day at middle school. I saw a cute boy. that I liked since 3rd grade. he never notices me until 7th grade. my bests friend went to go tell him that I  liked him. he had said that he liked me back. that day we were dating.
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Comments (2)

Stay yourself. It's one human. You never know when they ruin your life. That's why I trust nobody. Life is a lie. Also apparently nobody knows I exist.
True. and my friends told me to break up with him. so I did. but then he told me the truth. I was so heartbroken.
on March 13
on March 13