The Hunt (2)

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Chapter 1.
Mysterios creature

Mysterios creature

The year was 1946 just after the world war II in Russia.Two hunters (Nikolai and Petrenko) went hunting,and for 3 hours of hunting the catched 3 rabbits that ware scared of something but they didnt now what.So they went home and shared that storie with their families.They ware so happy they forgot to say that rabbits ware running from something

.And the night passed, it was morning and they ware planning to hunt again.They ware in the forest and they saw a deer.They ware exicted but worried that they will scare the deer and it will run away.Nikolai snezzed and the deer started running.they folowed the deer for mile and then they heard a an animal scream.Petrenko was scared but nikolai just took a sip from his vodka and said (Holy crap,what just happend?!).they approached the deer.And the deer was spliten in half,blood everywhere.they never saw something like that.Nikolai said (this is wasnt a bear,it cant be,bear would you his claws..)

.They sawed Hooves on the floor and they thought (what is that creature that walks on hooves and has sharp Teeth?)Then they ran home and told the storie to their families.No one belived them Except 90-year old grandma Sonja.She Told them (Oh my god, the mits are true...The creature that walks on the hooves has sharp teeth and has horns...). (What are you talking about Granny?).Sonja says(It Walks silenthy,bites painfully and  devours everything that sees...).They got scared and told the whole village about the creature.Everywone locked their doors at night,the children slept with the parents.The Whole village was afraid of the creature...
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