The Beginning: The Zombies are Coming Series Book 1

This is a new series. The series is called The Zombies are Coming. Get ready for a series of adventure and survival tips. <3 <3

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Chapter 1.

The Beginning

"I am heading to work," I said.
"OK," said my friend Alexis.
    My name is Bailey. I have long, dark brown hair. I am 26 and I work at the hospital in Sunny Town.
        Beep, Beep... Beep, Beep... My beeper went off and I rushed to the hospital. I got to the hospital and it was busier than ever. I went to the reception desk and clocked in. I was told to rush to room 318. When I got in there, the patient was extremely ill.
"What's going on?," I said.
"He is very ill," said Ally, one of the nurses there.
"Have you done any blood tests?"
"Yes," Ally said.
"He has Ebola."
"Ok. We need to take care of him right away. We need to keep him in his house for 21 days. Lets get moving," I said.
                                                                                           5 hours later
"Hey Alexis. What are you doing here?"
"I think I broke my leg."
"OK. Lets get you to X-Ray."
        I look at her X-Rays and examine her leg.
"It looks like you are right. But it is worse than you think. You broke you leg in 5 different places. What happened?"
"I was running from something."
"What were you running from?"
"Something you won't believe. Or the other doctors and nurses."
"Just tell me what you were running from."
        The next thing she said surprised me.      
"A Zombie," Alexis said.
"What?...A Zombie? Those aren't even real. It was just in your head. Well... do you know what you fell in?"
"Yes. I fell in a hole and fell. And yes I was running from zombies. There every where in our neighborhood."
"OK, OK... We will just get you back home by ambulance. You will need these crutches and this cast. What color do you want the cast?"
"Blue, please. And, I don't want to go home by ambulance. I want to go home with you."
"Ok. You can help the receptionists. Just tell them you are with me and they will tell you what to do."
"Ok. When do you get off?"
"At 5:00 P.M" (The time right now is 2:00P.M)
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