Old Foxy x Mangle Part 3: The deiceive.

Old Foxy x Mangle Part 3: The deiceive.

I hope you enjoy. Cuz i decide in my head a super idea. I was so mush happy for my idea so read it. Sorry for the title cuz EVERYONE love Old Foxy x Mangle.

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Chapter 1.
SpringTrap Crush.

SpringTrap Crush.

Old Foxy and the other olds was running.
Cuz they was captured.
But they can go away!
Mangle was crying.
For Old Foxy.
Old Foxy come hug Mangle.
Mangle scream: OLD FOXY! I MISS YOU A LOT!!!
SpringTrap dont want stay in part & service.
He saw Mangle.
He was so blushing.
He go see Freddy in walking.
SpringTrap says: Did you saw this beautiful cute fox?
Freddy says: But first. Who are you?
SpringTrap says: Im SpringTrap!
Freddy says: Im Freddy. Well, the name of the cute fox is "Mangle". Go see her if you dare.
SpringTrap go see Mangle and Old Foxy.
Old Foxy says: Hi you the green bunny. Who are you?
Mangle says: Yeah who are you?
SpringTrap says: Im SpringTrap!!
Mangle says: Nice to meet you! Me is Mangle.
Old Foxy says: Me is Old Foxy.
Foxy was walking.
He saw SpringTrap.
Foxy says: Hey. Your name is SpringTrap i licten. Me is Foxy come.
SpringTrap was going away and follow Foxy.
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