Mr. Lizard and the Snake

This is a small little kids story! you can read it to yourelf, or read this to your little one! ENJOY! :)

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Mr. Lizard and the Snake

Mr. Lizard was crawling along the desert for a walk. "What a nice, warm, sunny day!" Mr. Lizard says "I wish it can be like this forever!" He crawls some more. "Hello sir" a voice says "Ahh!" Mr. Lizard screams "Who are you?" "I am Mr. Rattlesnake, but just call me Snake. Wanna come over to my house for tea and blueberry muffins?" Mr. Lizard knows that rattlesnakes eat lizards, but he loves blueberry muffins! So Mr. Lizard said yes.  They go over to Snake's house. It has nice, soft rugs and cool paintings on the walls. "What a nice place, Snake!" Mr. Lizard says "Oh thanks." Snake replys "Now sit down and enjoy!" They eat and drink, and after a few more teas, they become friends. One day, Mr. Lizard made a horrible desision. He asked Snake "Would you like to come over to dinner tomorrow?" "Sure" Snake said. Snake slithered back to his house and wrote in his diary,

                                                                           Dear Diary,
                                                                YES YES YES!!!!!!!! After I became 'friends' with that lizard, he has been tricked that I won't plan and eat him! So he invited me to his house for dinner! After dessert (dessert is important!) I will screm and say "You foolish lizzard! I was planning to eat you this whole time! Say GOODBYE WORTHLESS LIZARD!" and I will eat him ALIVE! Mua hahahahahaha! But seriously? Doesn't he know that? Well, good luck for me then! Wish me luck!
                                                                            Sincerely, Snake

             The next day, Snake went to Mr. Lizard's house. "Snake, how nice to have you here! Sit down and enjoy dinner!" Mr. Lizard said "Thank you, I am pleased to be here." Snake replyed. He went to his seat and smirked. After dinner and dessert, Snake said "Mr. Lizard, there is one last thing I need to tell you before I go" "Go ahead, I'm listening." Mr Snake screamed and said what he said he would in his diary, and he ate Mr. Snake alive. Snake then went home, very full, and watched movies and wrote in his diary.


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