Memory "Evana series part one

Evana looses her memorise only thinking her name was Elizabeth Blackmire and goes to western highschool. She meets a boy names Zack Carmela and finds more and more about her identity.. Her memories were stolen but from who? What was her real mom? And who is her fake mom Anne? Ad her fake dad Chris then? Writer: Have fun reading!

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Memory "Evana series part one
Chapter 1.

Evana- the first a town unknown..

I was running on the track feild at school for practice and I paused. My mind was blank, a girl with black hair jogs toward me from the bench "why did you stop Elizabeth? Something wrong?" She asked. "What is my last name.." I asked "Blackmire" she answered curiously.
"Who are you..?"
"Tiffany...Zack's sister.. "
"Who's Zack?"
"Your boyfriend.."
"Are you okay.?"
"Uh Im... Fine..I think I got heat stroke, I'll see you tomorrow.."
"But um where's my home?"
"Your brother...Jason is outside, FYI he's flirting you know cause he is a player."
"We'll I hope you feel better!"
I went outside to see a boy flirting
"Hey can you give me a ride home I feel a little sick"
"Uh can't you see I'm bissey?"
"Uh can't you..see.-"
I saw a boy in black, black hair, black jacket, black t shirt with a skull, black hightops, and lack skinny jeans with a guy in whitetail shirt blue jeans black hair black eyes white sneakers with some black design.
"Hello earth to Elizabeth you there here?"
"Who are they?"
"Um.. The guy with white tshirt is your boyfriend dude in the gothie look is his brother fear."
The name fear rang my head like warnings to stay away. A vision blasted my mind
I was in a dark, dark room
A shadow whispered in my ear
"Your time is running out...Evana"
Evana..?that was my name... Then what was Elizabeth..?

Jason waved his hand in my face
"You were erm staring at each other.."
"Staring at who?"
All the hairs of my skin prickled up.
Zack walk towards me while Fear stayed put not meeting my eyes.
Zack put his arm around my waist and kissed my head. When Zack kissed me directly on the lips I had an instinct to slap him but I resisted.
"Well we need to go now" Jason announced
"Yeah alright we just came for football practice" Zack commented
Jason got a text and looked at his phone "erm lets go now hurry Stev and Derrick are coming over for a project."
I heard fear and Zack grind there teeth but I ignored it.
"Lets go."

When we arrived to our house I memmorize the address and how to reach to the point while 2 boys stood outside with a board and a bag of ice. One of the boy was the guy I saw in my vision black hair and yellow eyes while the other one had black eyes bu he had something in it.. "Welcome back prince and princess"the boy said "why do you call us that?" I asked "because your life is golden... Of course and I am Stev that is Derrick so yeah."
"Stev your a g-"
"A what?"
"Sorry lost my train of um thought ouch my head hurts! I'll be in my room"
I ran into a pink room assuming it was mine.. And it was! I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. My hands reached up and landed on a strange necklace I didn't know I had on. I saw a glass of water and medicine with a note.

Hope you feel better

I sat on the floor near the table with the gift and placed my finger around the rim of the glass twirling around it completely bored when a tiny tornado started forming I moved away. I pressed against my wall how did I do that?
"I would take that pill if I were you" a voice said
I looked to see Stev by the door.
"Hi to you to princess"
"Can you stop calling me that?"
"Is ether that or eva- Mrs. Blackmire"
"Wait what?"
"WhAt do you mean?"
"You said Eva "
"You mean..Evana..?"
"What do you mean?"
I released a breath
"Do you think I can tell you something insane?"
"Yeah sure"
"My life is like a living hell"
"Don't worry I'll help ya bit."
"But your not always going to be around"
"No... I'll be around when you most need it."
"Does that mean you stalk me or..."
Stev laughed
"No definatley not ill just be your friend."
"Thanks you probrally think I'm insane."
"No I think your pretty normal."
"You'll find were made to do great things...princess.. Great things."
With that before I can even say another word he left and closed the door.
I took his advice and swallowed the pill but in the same time a tatto appeared in my arm of a crystal and a tiara.. Princess..
A vision pops in my mind
A kingdom of power grew wide it spread grew by the fear.. But fear was created born with Davin and the dark crescent moon owner.. Fear had the power of the shadows he grew much to big the king sent soilders to try to murder him but all failed Untill a day fear vanished to everywhere causing everyone to have a fear he was to seek vegence in the future.

- god.

I rubbed my neck that a new tatto of a crescent moon and the amulet had the crystal with the moon covering half of it. I sighed memorise don't come back fast but.. I'm some sorta creature then and fear some sorta monster. Why can't my life be normal! Stev is part of this some how and I tend to find out. I looked in the mirror to see bright silver eyes. I gasped I marched straight out my room to find Stev and overheard a conversation "is I almost time?" A voice said "almost, the pill shall recover her memories soon that Zack stole but her brother is trying to come but he can't that why opposite Jason is taking over not of the time" a different darker voice said. "But Evana said Stev is destined to die how do we fixed that?"
"We can't we all can only hope that it is not the truth."
"Zack is evana's future husband but we have to hurry before she finds out her history with Stev, she might even .."
"No do not think like that honey"
"But she can succeed you see Zack likes Evana to like a little battle, already you get Zack to fall in love and boom"
"Unless she recovers her full memory she may destory all hope!"
"We may only hope she may not find that journal.. She will know to much that can destory our kind"
A new voice came in " she ate the pill"
"Good the history shall fill her with the memories of her past this will help her learn how to use her powers without the daily training."
"What if she knows to much?"
"We may only hope."
"Yes we may."
I released a breath and the room gone silent
"Elizabeth step forth" a voice said
I walked in the kitchen, probrally with a frighten expression on my face.

Then I began to feel dizzy and the anger in their faces turned to worried and anxious
I then spoke the 6 words my free will did not control while flames flickered on the top of my fingers.
"This is part of the plan" a dark voice spoke through me an I collapsed
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