Amelets Diary

Read Amelets story about how she survived 6th grade, with bullys, a teacher out to get her, and the counciler!

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9/13: The 1st day of school


                                                       Im here. Middle School. I need to go to period 1 class- History with Mr. Michigan. I walk over to his room (its SO far away!) when I bump into a girl.
                                                      "Um hi. Wheres the bathroom? I can't find it." said a girl. She talked very fast. She must be desperate. Im right. I look down and I see her holding her crotch with all her might.
                                                       "Actully, I do! Its on my way to period 1, so you can just follow me!" I exclaimed. We walk, but then she starts running, so I run with her.
                                                      "I, I cant make it. Little bits are coming out!" She said quickly. I can she little splothes on her pants.
                                                      "COME ON COME ON, aww man" she said again. Now, shes wetting herself. A tall girl in a polka dot dress and her tall friends were pointing and laughing.
                                                     "Look who needs their diaper changed?!" said the tall girl. Everyone around us exploded into laughter.
                                                     "Sorry. Terrible unirary problems. Gotta pee every 1 hour and 25 minutes or else, this happens. Luckly, Im perpared." she says holding a new pair of black leggings.
                                                     "Im Cladette, but just call me Dette. Your name?" Dette asks
                                                     "Amelet." I reply. Dette gets changed and I walk over to History with Dette following me.
                                                     "Who you have 1st period?" I ask
                                                     "History with Michigan. she replys. So we walk on over to Mr. Michigan's class.
                                                    "Welcome all, to 6TH GRADE!!!" Mr. Michigan roared. Mr. Michigan is a tall man with a gray moustase and rosy cheeks. His tie has tweety bird on it. Nice.
                                                   "Sit down, anywhere. And take out your pencil and spiral." History is over in a flash. So is Science with Mrs. Kay. Very pretty and nice, she is. Dette is in this class too. She follows me to Study Hall.
                                                   "Dette, are you in all my classes?' I ask
                                                   "Yes. Do you have study hall with Mrs. Flingham?" she replys
                                                   "Yup. This is GREAT!" I say. Soon, Study Hall and lunch is over, and its art with Mrs. Lemosa.
                                                  'Welcome to art everyone! No, I will pass out colored pencils and just draw a picture on the peice of paper provided." Mrs. Lemosa says. I draw a tulip, sun, and grass, and she looks at my drawing.
                                                  "This drawing is TERRIBLE! Automatic F." She says then walks off. School is over and I go to my laptop and watch Itube.
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