Kayla's Destiny

Kayla's Destiny

Kayla Fazbear isn't an ordinary teenage girl , just trying to fit in the world She's aslo daughter of Rose Quartz the famous crystal gem and neice of Freddy Fazbear Y'know the animatronic bear . Find out the huge , creepy , bloody , and not so normal adventures you'd have and discover the supernatural ghosts linked within the pizzeria even find out why she has killed so maybe people . Oh , did i mention she also witnessed the bite of 87' and soon find out who killed her mother and why Rose was killed . hope you enjoy !

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Chapter 1.
Cold Storage

Cold Storage

Freddy P.O.V
Everything was dark . the night was pouring I stood shocked to see my sister dead with a knife in her heart  and guts everywhere . She was the famous Rose Quartz who always saved lives on this planet but here I am just born an animatronic bear named Freddy Fazbear who saw my sister cold dead on the parking lot of Freddy Fazbears Pizza " wahhh wahhh " I heard a small cry coming from a strange blanket as I slowly uncovered it I saw a baby girl crying from the rain drops and cold air , I realized that this baby had to be my sisters because about a month ago  she was gonna have a baby and I would have to be the uncle so I picked her up slowly and cuddled her " shh its alright my little cutey pie your uncle Freddy is here to protect you " I kissed her and turned around and walked into the pizzeria " well lets get you inside for some comfort " when I walked inside I saw Bonnie and Chica smiling and excited to see the baby and Rose " hey Freddy ! Hey Rose ? Rose ? Where is she ? " I sighed in pain and spoke " S..She's dead Bonnie she was murdered right before she walked in this place " Bonnie looked outside in the parking lot and say her rotting body " oh no , what are we gonna ... " this small baby cried again so I started rocking her to sleep " is that a baby ? Oh I love baby's ! " Chica squeeled in excitement " Oh yeah , I found her next to Rose wrapped up in a blanket so I guess  the baby's  my neice " we talked for a while but someone was watching us I knew it .

Vincent P.O.V
I'm watching him and the other's seeing if they can take care of her without killing her i know he can't kill anymore but the others will ive watched those children die because they never listened to there parents but now the souls and animatronics watching over my baby girl , well i was supposed to take her before he got out to save my wife before i murdered her just for my own kid . But sooner or later ill either see her or see her ghost if they can ever handle the child until she's a teenager then thats when the killing starts for murdering adults you just wait and see Freddy you can't raise a baby on no chance at all but if you can raise her , I'll come back I always do .

Foxy P.O.V.
I awoke to sounds of laughter and cries so I slowly opened the curtain of my cove and headed down the hall to the entrance " Wha'  be all th' noises down he.. " my ears quickly went down as I saw my best friends body decayed and blood everywhere " R..rose ! Wha' did ye do ta her captain " I cried " Nothing Foxy she was murdered before she stepped into the pizzeria with ... " I saw a baby in Freddy's arms sleeping " Is th' a baby ! y'know i hate baby's why would you bring one in here ! " Freddy slowly looked depressed " B..but Foxy this is Roses baby and my niece she won't have no place to stay when its show time tomorrow could she sta.." I quickly yelled at him figured he was gonna ask me if she would stay with me " No way will th' little monster sleep with me captain " as i continued to walk back to the cove i walked in the curtains " Find a place for th' scallyway cause th' lass won't be with ye '' I sighed and sat down and looked at the picture in the corner of Rose and me together as kids " I'm so sorry lass i'll miss you '' as i kissed the picture i shut down and slept .

Bonnie P.O.V.
I looked back at Freddy and tried to make him feel better '' Well i have an idea what about if we name her instead of just baby 24/7 ? '' i smiled and Freddy looked down at her and spoke '' Well if i could remember she always wanted to name her daughter Kayla thats all i can remember '' I laughed " Sure lets make that a promise by naming her Kayla Fazbear Quartz ! '' i grabbed my guitar and headed to the stage '' Wait we need to find her a place to stay " I looked at the backstage and pointed " let's just keep her on the table and then make her a room tomorrow " so I put her on the table and walked out and only to see Freddy and Chica knocked out " well I better head to sleep aslwell for tomorrow's exciting day ! "

Foxy P.O.V.
I awoke to Kayla's obnoxious crying so I looked at the stage and yelled at Freddy to tell Kayla so be quiet but they were shut down so i  mumbled to myself as i  walked to the backstage " eye can't believe this th' mateys won't wake anytime soon ! " I walked in and held Kayla and rocked Kayla to help her sleep " shh shush ye  monster and let me be sleepin  ! " she continued to cry so i  thought how to calm her down " Da dum dum de dum dum de do de do " Kayla giggled and I smiled in joy " ye may get annoying but eye can't ignore ye cuteness " I cuddled her and noticed a shadow appear from the tiny light of the pizzeria

Freddy P.O.V.
I Smiled at Foxy and spoke " so you don't like baby's ? " Foxy quickly responded nervously " e..eye c..can explain ! " I looked and patted his back " no need to explain to me I understand alright my friend , but I got one question for you " Foxy looked confused but shook his head so I answered " well would you like to maybe just maybe accept the request to protect Kayla all her life now until her death ? " Foxy looked down at Kayla with her eyes open " I..I will captin  I will ! ".
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