Natalie's Story

Helping someone get free of debt. Many tools are offered, and inspiration and hope is here.

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Natalie's Story

One of the most satisfying things in this business is when we have just helped someone get their debts sorted out.

I recently had a call from Natalie: "Thank you for helping me.  I just wish I had know about you a long time ago.  I would have saved myself a lot of stress."

Natalie's story

Natalie, 49, had been a teacher's aide for many years.  She was recently divorced and looking forward to a new start.

Natalie was careful, had no debt apart from her mortgage, had always paid her bills on time and had mortgage insurance.

Disaster struck.  Natalie became very ill, requiring many visits to hospital and lengthy time off work.  Natalie had worked for many years, but had always been a casual.  She lost her job.  She started using here credit cards to pay her bills expecting to return to employment and claim on her mortgage insurance.  The mortgage insurer denied coverage, claiming her illness was a pre-existing condition not covered by the policy.  Further bad news came when her doctors advised against a return to any work.

When Natalie came to us, she had around $25,000 in unsecured debts, was in default on all her debts and was extremely stressed out.  Her sole income was the disability pension.

The solution

First we got all of her debts put on hold while we assessed Natalie's financial position and debts.

Next we negotiated an informal agreement with her unsecured creditors.  Natalie makes a single payment of $75 per month that is paid out to her unsecured creditors.  Interest, fees and charges are frozen.

Natalie has the security of her home and can now get back on top of things.  She has no more harassing calls, and her life back.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people.  It's good to know that there are solutions to your debts.  It's people's stories that matter to us.  Your debt may be $10,000 or $200,000.  We have a solution to suit your situation.

There are many, many more stories.  A phone call is all it takes.
It's not always a disaster - please enjoy our short video:

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