true bullying stories.

true bullying stories.

here is some bullying story, true bullying story from the victims, hope you like them.

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Chapter 1.
Ceyanne's story...

Ceyanne's story...

"""Hi, my name is Ceyanne (pronounced See-Anne)

It all began in the 2nd grade, I was about 3 years old my aunt brought a dog home, and one day the dog completely turned on me. Ripped up my face. I started to heal before I began school, but I still had visible scares I'm my forehead, on my cheeks. About my 2nd month at school, I started to get called names like scareface, ugly, hideous, ect. And because I was Native American, it made it worse because kids were telling me "go back the reservation! We're you belong!" It continued through out Elementry School, I never told anyone because I thought nobody understood. It wasn't all that bad during Jr. High, but now I started to lose self confidence, I saw all these  beautiful girls I was going to school with and here I was a four eyed scared faced girl that no one noticed. Still, I kept everything to myself. When people would tell me I would be prettier if I didn't have any scares on my face, I would try so hard to brush it off but I jus ended up crying and all they said was "I'm jus saying."  I grew up in a Christian home, my grandfather is a pastor and when I couldn't hold it in any longer I cried to him telling him everything I was going through, and he told me "You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. God made everybody the same, he loves us all the same keep your self in his hands sweetheart, and I promise your world, everything you are. Will be jus fine." You see, God is with us always. What we go through, he endures with us, when you feel lonely he will be there guiding us, showing us that there's more to beauty than just a good looking face. I still continue to be self conscious, but I have way too much self respect to listen to what other people say about my appearance. PLEASE don't wait too long to tell someone about what you're going though, you may think there's nobody who will listen to you but i promise you there are more people who go through what you're going though everyday. Reach out, talk to someone, and everything will be okay. I PINKY promise. Stay Beautiful.

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