Theory Book

Theory Book

What description?!??!! Why is this here okie a few more words to get accepted. Anyway the picture is my cat? Very important information

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Chapter 1.

We have all zodiac signs in us

Have you ever contemplated about your zodiac sign? For example, if you're born in November, you're a Scorpio. But you think you would act like any other zodiac sign, right? Well I'm literally here to tell you that on the day you were born, I'm hoping the whole sky was there and it didn't just fall on you, which means all of the constellations were here at the same time on the day you came to existence, because the sky doesn't just disappear because it's a specific month. So if you act like a specific zodiac sign or like specific colors, it's probably because that sign is in you. Which means if you are for example a Libra but can lead like an Aries, then it is most likely that you have this sign in you, as well as the planets. If you really think about it, the whole solar system was in space when you were born, was it not? Also, for example, Pisces' body part is feet. You don't just see a pair of feet walking around everyday with no body, do you? This supports why we have all zodiac signs in us.
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