A Story for MissCheetah1234

This is ma story for MissCheetah1234 about her oC Tiger's Eye and our favorite gurl Amethyst. Yeah it's a steven universe story xD Based off a picture she drew.

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Chapter 1.

This Is War

Blood was rushing through her head. Why did it have to be so hard? War! Ugh...
She ran around, dodging attacks and landing her own. A corrupted Rhodolite came up on her side. Summoning her bow and arrow, she pulled the weapon out of the gem in her eye. Aiming, she shot it right through the Rhodolite,  poofing it. She bubbled the gem and sent it back to the Temple. Beinh a Crystal Gem, its was like 1 in a million. There were only 4 of them, yet so many corrupted gems.
After gaining several cuts and nicks, she has successfully bubbled more gems.
She heard the sound of Pearl's scream, Garnet's battle cry...
Why should she care about Pearl? Pearl hated Tiger for all she was worth.
She took a glance in Garnet's direction. She was fighting an Emerald with ease.
Shd heard a desperate cry.
The voice was cracked and broken, shaking as if it was crying.
Amethyst was like a younger sister to Tiger, so she had a sense of protectiveness towards the younger gem.
Tiger screamed as loud as her lungs would allow.
A scream.
Her heart was screaming at her to hurry up.
Having an ability to look through walls and things of the sort, (Well, anything really...) She took glances through everything.
Another "HELP ME!" was heard.

Tiger started to tear up. Hearing her, the one gem that she could be herself with, the one gem that was a sister-figure towards her, screaming for help, which she could do nothing about.
She shot her claws through a malachite, then a tourmaline.
Her seeing-powers often went out of hand when she was stressed, upset, etc., causing her to be able to see through gems and humans as well.
She strained her enhanced hearing, straining for the sound of Amethyst.
She could distinguish gems by the soumd their bodies made.
She was so stressed, she hunched her back, puting her hands over her ears, closing her eyes.
She felt claws rake over her nose. She ignored the pain, but poofed the gem that was responsible.
She tried to concentrate on listening for Amethyst.
There were less and less corrupted gems on the battlefield. She gasped as she heard the purple gem scream again.
She ran forward and began to hear Amethyst's heartbeat. It was indeed stressed, but she was getting close.
Running even farther, the noise got stronger, but so did something else did, too. Fire.
A white fire, spreading out for miles.
She cried.
Her voice was close, behund the wall of fire. Too high to jump, too long to go around.
There was no choice, she had to go through. Taking in a deep breath,  she ran right into the flames, feeling the burn against her skin. She got out the other side, sweating and bleeding.
There was Amethyst, Tiger caught sight of her purple blood. She was lying on her stomach, she was supporting herself on shaky arms.
She had no time to finish.
There was a huge gem monster, obviously a fusion of 3 or more gems.
It had fangs, dripping green venom. She knew what that was.
The venom, once injected into a gem, they couldn't poof,  heal, or rest.
Left them broken for years before it wore off.
Adrenaline rushed in her veins. She jumped in front of Amethyst, one leg in front of her, the other behind.
Holding her right hand up, she clenched her teeth and snarled.
Tiger screamed, summoning her bow.
The corrupted gem monster hissed at her. This was not going to be easy. She summoned an arrow, and placing it in the bow, aimed right for the gem's eye, and fired.
It lodged itself, spraying grey blood everywhere.
It shreaked and fell on its side. Tiger took this opportunity to finish it off. She summoned another arrow and drove it into the creature's neck. It poofed with a loud pop. Bubbling the gem, she turned to Amethyst. She gasped as she saw the purple gem's blood pouring from a wound in her wrist.
"Are you okay?" Tiger asked her, kneeling by Amethyst. She took the purple gem's wrist and felt it.
"Oh god... you were bitten..."

How was chapter 1? Good or bad? Stay tuned for 2!
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You portrayed my precious baby perfectly x3
Thank you for this.
No prob, Bob X3
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Can't wait for next chapter!
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