Merge madness 5c

Merge madness 5c

Lol. I hope this is the last of the episode 5 thing. I wont be making any new MM episodes tomorrow thru sunday.

published on August 23, 201815 reads 4 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.

Lol. I compleatly forgot what happened last time.

Harper: how did you get this stable?
Pama: its not. I glitch out some times due to how unstable it is. Its not very useful.
Harper: just when i thought you stoped using that word.
Pama: ๐Ÿ˜‘
Harper: what?
Pama: we need to activate the 3 spires. Can you help?
Harper: fine. As long as you dont chip me.
Juice box: hehe. *empties a bag of potato chips onto Harper's head*
Pama: uhh. Ahem.
Juice box: huh? Im chiping her.
Amulet: *facepalm*
Pama: he is an idiot-
Juice box: -hey!-
Pama: -so, will you help?
Harper: i said yes but only if your friend stops pouring chips on my head.
Pama: *glares at Juice box*
Juice box: fine
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Comments (2)

Lol. This was so crappy.
That's what I say about every TCR
on August 24, 2018
on August 24, 2018