Undertale - A New Beginning - Part 6

Undertale - A New Beginning - Part 6

7 years after our marriage, Toriel and I have left the assassins and returned to our home to try and live peacefully but like always, darkness surfaces.

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Chapter 1.


It's Winter and snow covers the ground as I sit perched in a tree waiting for the right moment as I see Winter and Asriel, who are now teenagers, Walk right under me and into the open and they both look carefully at a flag and then Asriel says "There's the flag and It's unguarded". "Asriel wait, It's not unguarded, they're just waiting to ambush."
Winter said. Asriel charged at the flag then I smirked and whistled then Undyne and Papyrus burst from the snow and threw Spears and bones at Asriel and Winter. I jump from the tree and at Winter and she looks at me and counters my attack and then I look her in the eye and said "Good move but can you block this?" I drew my sword and attacked Winter and she blocks the attack with her scythe and Asriel summons his swords and blocks attacks from Undyne and Papyrus.
Winter notices Asriel in trouble and pushes me back and runs to help Asriel. "Hold on Asriel I'm coming." Winter said. I watch Winter run for a second then I chase after her and jump at her but Asriel turns around and blocks my attack and protects Winter. "Thanks." Winter said as she continued to run for the flag.
I whistle and the Undyne jumps at Winter with a spear and Winter takes her Scythe and jumps and flips sideways and deflects Undyne's attack and lands then I jump up over Asriel and run past Winter and guard the flag with Undyne and Papyrus. Asriel comes up behind Winter and jumps and winter ducks, then they both say "Prepare for our sword scythe ultra combo."
Then Asriel lands and swings is swords and it creates a wave of energy just as Winter Jumps over him and flips with her scythe and slams the blade in the ground and creates a shockwave of energy and it knocks Me, Undyne, and Papyrus, back.
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I swear to fücking God if that marriage is fücking soriel I will kill myself
on May 06, 2017