The Trip Of A LifeTime (1)

Me and my friend going to out 1st Tyga show in ALT!! and what we did and who we seen.

published on May 13, 20142 reads 2 readers 0 completed
Chapter 1.

Asking My Mom.

Ok so im at home one day n im online and i see that 1 of my and my besties FAV groups :YMCMB: are coming to the ATL and i get all happy and run to my mom's room and go "MOM ASK WHAT?" and she go "what pooh bear" n i go "u will never guess who is in the A right now and having a show" n she goes "who" n i go "YMCMB and u now how much Me and Dominique and Corinne and Lorrenda love them so please mom please i will do anything like anything" n she is like "Pooh? so u know how long of a trip that will be with all u girls and me" n i hang my head down n gave her the puppy dog eyes n play like started crying n she gave in about after 25 mins and i jump and down on her bed n started screaming and told her to pack her bags because we are taking a ROAD TRIIIIIPPPPP!!!!.
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