sans and annie if i was in undertale

sans and annie if i was in undertale

(bruh=bra) thus is 18+ sorta (go ahead and be a savage) no one will want to read this... or will they?

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Why did my WHOLE family have to die? What did i do wrong? GOD! WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO MEEEEEEEEEEEE?! Well i might as well leave too i don't care if anyone misses me i just miss my family. Welp my turn. I jump down a random mountain i found.Well bye life.


W-WHAT I'M STILL ALIVE unless this is heaven? I'M IN A BED OF GOLDEN FLOWERS. Well i guess i should explore, can i still walk? I look down yup my frisk cosplay is still on. There is a corner? I guess i will peek around it. OH MY GOODNESS IS THAT A- YUP IT IS!!!!!! “Hi? Im annie the fox are you flowey?” “yep howdy! Im flowey. Flowey the flower!... wait… how did you know?” weeeeeeelll
I tell him everything. He looks shook. I smile and try to walk past, he stops me “ um c-can i tell you a little sumthin?” he asks me. I say of course . he says “i'm not evil and no one else is really but just play along like a good girlie okay?” i stare for a few seconds then smile saying yes sir! “Well please just uh… i don't wanna hurt you so just pretend you hit the pellets so toriel just ‘hurts’ me and you are safe sooooooo uh DIE!?”

CHAPTER TWO toriel and the ruins(sorta)

“Hello? My child? Are you hurt?” toriel askes me. I say uh no, but is flowey alright? She looks sweaty and says he's fine. I try to look behind her but she blocks my view … while sweating. Ummm sooooo my child want to do puzzles? Can i call you mumma? Oh ! yes my child… we stare at eachother for a while. Howabout we don't do puzzles? UH i'm just gonna take you home…


Um my mumma grabbed my hand and brought me to the door of my room and then rubbed my head. I was probably blushing. I went in my room and fell onto my bed.
Im awake now. I look beside the bed there was a present and pie. I looked at myself i looked like i was healed! B- but i- oh nevermind. (the longer i'm alive the longer i can spend time with my new “friends?”) I just opend the present, IT HAD AN IPHONE AND HEADPHONES IN IT. gimme a sec please… okay that was AN HOUR!!!???ummmmmmmm okay? I visited momma's room it was boring… i looked at myself in the little mirror before i see my mom. Yep i was healed. Great… just great. “Oh my child you are awake! You kind of passed out. So  i made you a pie and gave you something alphys made for me! Um do you like it?” i jumped up onto mums lap and hugged her and said “thanks so much i love it as much as i love you mum to infinity” I told her the incident about my family and life. She cried for me, we cried together for what seemed like an eternity. But mom told me to get some more rest so i went to my room. Mom went downstairs… I HATE THIS PART… :’(.

CHAPTER FOUR downstairs

After i rested for a while i went to the “basement”. Mumma? A-are you there? I wanna go explore and come back- “my child if you leave don't come back but prove to me you are going to survive... out there” the room got dark, i got scared, my heart was pounding.MERCY...MERCY...MERCY...MERCY...MERCY mom didn't seem impressed but she DID say i was strong enough to go out THERE!!!!!!! Bye mommy, i-i-i love you. I run and hug her. Then i leave.


I walk slowly with my heart racing and getting ready to meet sans. I get to the “fenced” bridge… n-no sans?! I start giving up hope. I have a toy knife so… three two on-”woah kiddo be careful there with that… toy knife?” he used his magic to move it away. HE looked concerned because tears were streaming down my face like a river. “Are you okay kid?” he asked. “Sans!?” i fainted scarlet faced not because of the cold but because i was right in front of sans!

Oh no what did i do s-she fainted (and she is kind of cute~) i got to get home and search how to help her.i got her into my room and typed on my computer very fast how to help someone who fainted. It said lay her on her back... erm okay then.  I guess i will watch my fave undertuber while i wait for her to wake up. “Hello my fellow players this is shyreen playz here to give you a new video! Enjoy.” papyrus bursted into my room “SANS PICK UP YOUR S- WAIT IS THAT A HUMAN?” “no paps that's a FOX human” i reply. “SHOULD WE CAPTURE IT?” “no bro they probably won't break the barrier so don't capture her” “OH OKAY!”. He left and i continued to watch shyreen play this game called underblox. I pause the video to go to the washroom but i heard shuffling from my bed.


I finally woke up but i was somewhere else i was in SANS’ ROOM?! Yikes! Thats kinda- wait its because i fainted. Aww :3 i feel loved… “oh kiddo you are awake… what's your name?” he asked . “its annie” i reply. “Oh annie… that's a lovely name!” wait his face shaded quickly from white to blue to white he was blushing!  “May i explore your house?” i ask. He nodded and followed me out his room and down the stairs. “NYEEEEEEEEEEEEEH SANS COME HERE IM BURNING THE PASTA AGAIN” papyrus yelled. “Kiddo i will be right back” sans said as he ran off to help his brother. I go to their bathroom and use the toilet and cry while hugging my phone. I miss mom. And goat mom. Iphone goat mom and she didn't answer. I go out the bathroom and head towards the couch. There is money in it but i don't take it. I wipe my face and nose with my long-ish  sleeve. Papyrus plops next to me on the ripped up green couch he sighs then looks at me concerned. Sans plops to the other side of me but i was still crying. “HUMAN ARE YOU OKAY?” pap asked me. “I miss my family” i said, i told them the story and at the end sans had to go to the store to get something. Pap showed me his room I sat on the end of the bed he sat next to me. We waited till sans got back home.


“Hey kiddo i'm home “ sans said. I was playing with paps action figures. “ i got a present for you from pap and i. Let's go to the couch and open it okay i will meet you there”! “ sans no need to give me anything.” “OPEN IT HUMAN!” pap yelled.  I opend it i was on the floor. In the box there was a light blue nighty, Purple pjs with pink bones on them and the top had stars around a heart, some bone tattoos and stickers, art stuff, a COMPUTER, some stuffies, a pokeball pillow, an emoji blanket, a stuffed tiger(from pap) a stuffed lion(from sans), and a hotdog.“But guys you didn't have to give me anything.” i said teary. Sans put me on his lap and said “keep em because you are special”. I was surprised he said SPECIAL. “Go put your pajamas on” sans said. I put the nightie on. And came back down stairs. “Wanna go to the bathroom and take a shower then have a bedtime snack i will get your stuff ready while you do that I'm also gonna put paps to bed.”


Gulp time to take a shower at this house. I get my stuff off and hop into the shower. Since i thought i was home i sang sans song judgement .  sans heard my singing and sat at the other side of the door. But i didn't know till i tripped on him. I first put my jammies on and tripped over him. “Agh kiddo uhh the couch is ready for you…” sans said shaky. “Thanks sans… WOW WOW WOW thanks!” i cried! I went down to the couch and lay down and cuddled up . “sans, why do you trust me with everything” i asked. “Uh well i can just tell when you are pacifist or genocide. Might sound creepy though… heh” he replied. A blue guitar just popped into his hand and he started singing “Wise men say only  fools rush in but i can't help falling in love with you. Shall i stay would it be a sin? If i can't help falling in love with you? Like a river flows surely to the sea darling so it goes some things are meant to be. Oh Take my hand take my whole life too. For i can't help falling in love with you. Like a river flows surely to the sea darling so it goes some things are meant to beeeee so take my hand take my whole life too but i can't help falling in love. With. you.”. I fell asleep and he licked my cheek whispering goodnight annie.

CHAPTER TEN bad dream

YIPES that was the worst nightmare ever… i'm still in the skelebros house i'm gonna try to go back to bed. The bad nightmare continued. AAAAH i'm going to sans’ room. Knock knock. No one there. I will just go in “sans? I had a bad dream…” “aww kiddo how can i help ya?”sans asked.”i'm scared” i said.”here kiddo come up here” sans shuffled some blankets and waited for me to come up. I stared and was turning the reddest of the reds. I finally went up into the covers. “S-sans? D-d-do you like m-me?” i asked. Sans turned dark blue and said “yea i don't want you to get hurt” “b-but why do you care for a… dumb,fat-” “kiddo! D-dont say that about yourself! i - i care about you shh i can tell you are you by just spending a few hours with ya~ i know you won't kill anyone.” i cuddle up close to his cold bones and pajamas that have lazy bones written on them.” night creepy skull~” i say sans gives a little chuckle… in a good way though.


Awe the kid is still asleep. Don't wanna wake ‘er up. I lift her up with my magic just a little to get out of her grasp… she really does like me...and i like her. I leave my room and go down the stairs. Theres the couch that annie slept on for a while… it has all her stuff around it. I smile… but i always smile… “GOOD MORNING BROTHER I AM MAKING PANCAKES AND BACON! DO YOU THINK ANNIE WILL LIKE THEM?” Pap asked. “I suppose she might?” i replied. “I'm going to get the saturday newspaper” i said. “SANS IT'S RIGHT HERE”oh welp i'm gonna read it then.


Mmm sans’ bed smells good imma just go and- WAIT WHERE'S SANS? Oh he's probably downstairs. I feel my fangs. I walk to the stairs and stare before finally going down them. “GOOD MORNING HUMAN!””hello papy” i replied. “Heya kiddo” sans said then hugged me. I kissed this chin… he turned so blue he glowed. “Oh my goodness” rabbit lady and cinnamon saw the light and shielded her eyes. “Sans and pap? Can i go explore?”i asked. “Shure kiddo but be careful and come back at nightfall and food times… or just call and i will get ya okay?”sans asked “okay sansy~ byebye pap and sans” i almost left out the door but pap stopped me and put a backpack on me. Surprisingly it was light.”thanks pappy” i said. And then went. (sans magically changed my clothes for me)


I have left sans and paps house. NOPE NOPE NOPE I go back in “SANS CAN WE GO TO GRILLBYS?!” i wait… no answer. “S_SANS?! Are you there? Pap?” still no answer. I hear low singing…? I'm gonna walk upstairs and check sansys room. Knock knock… ARG NO ANSWER! I open the door a crack… no one… OH THE SHOWERS ON i'm so dumb. I think I will take a nap. I walk downstairs and get cuddled down into my emoji blanket and hug my tiger and lion stuffies. I woke up now finally but it has only been an hour but sans is still in- his room… but he is singing close to you. aww i guess he's in love with toriel… or someone else. Back to his singin now…yeah no… i go upstairs and knock on sans door. I open it. “Helloooooooooo~ my beautie” but who was it? “Sans?” i said again. “NOPE it's mettaton~ now! Get in the closet!” “what no!” but i was in it already. I plop onto the ground but something was there.

CHAPTER FOURTEEN 7 minutes in heaven

“Oh uh kiddo you there?” “WHAT THE WHAT?” “ kiddo why are we in here?” “ honestly idk” “darlings! Seven minutes in heaven!~” mettaton screeched. “What do we-” WHAT IS HAPPENING? Wait sans was… KISSING me? (more like licking my lips) i moved away surprised. “Kiddo why did you do that? I was enjoying that” “YOOOOOOOOOOO i know i secretly love you but not when mettaton may be seeing or hearing us” sans was glowing blue. I could see him we started kissing again BUT mettaton opened the closet and laughed but we didn't notice. But mettaton had almost all her fans around INCLUDING CAMERAMAN (crud crud crud crud crud). “ totally posting this on undertube and the mettaton show love-birds~” mettaton yelled. “ METTATON DON'T FLIPPING DO THAT OR ELSE YOU WILL GET A BAD TIME (butthole)” sans yelled but mettaton was already out the “WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???” I screeched loudly.

CHAPTER FIFTEEN publically humiliated (nighttime)

Well i have woken up from my sleep WAIT WAS LAST NIGHT A DREAM i turn mtt tv on and check youtube oh it's not on youtube yessss but what about undertube… (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA) nononononononononononono “WHYYYYYYYYYYYY MEEE EVERY DAY ALL THE TIME-” “kiddo it's 12:32 at night… whats wrong? Al Soooo pap is still sleeping.” “...sorry...”i say. “It's okay kid” “okay i'm gonna try to go back to bed nighty nite” i say “good night kiddo...i will be in my room if u need me...heh bye”


“Morning kidd-” “ i'm going for now k?” “erm okay… phone me if you need me~” “bye”
“By-” i slammed the door. I continued walking but then a snow drake came up to me and said “hey skeleton kisser hahahahahahahaha” “grrrrrr SHUT UP” i swiped my stick around his face. I so  regret that… but at least i did not hurt him. “Skeleton kisser skeleton kisser” AGH mettaton is more of a butt than i thought. I go to grillbys. WHAT THEY HAVE A HUGE TV THERE AND THE SHOW OF ME WAS ON everyone was laughing uncontrollably...even grillbz. I will now run away to waterfall. Rabbit lady walked past me and picked cinnamon up and hid her eyes from my view looking disturbed. Why me… i start crying and run to try to visit mom...KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK!!! Mom actually answered and said “hey child what are-” i run past her and up the stairs to the renovation room


Hey it wasn't locked i ran in and shut the door and locked it. “AAH WHO ARE YOU? Wait don't answer... “ he looks all around me. “ you are the skeleton kisser aren't cha?”he asks. I answer and say this “yes b-b-but-” i start crying again. “Kid are you okay?... i'm asriel…” he says. “Asriel!”i yell. “Yes? Do we know each other… you look familiar…” . “i'm the human that fell… YOU ARE FLOWEY!!!!”i say. “Yes i am flowey… but please leave my room i want to get my clothes on” “okay bye azzy” “WHAT you just called me azzy! Um are you moms new daughter she was talking about?” asriel asked. “Yes i think” “okay then u can call me azzy then~... sis...”


“Bye azzy i GOAT to use the bathroom” “ayyyyyyyyyyy annie!!!!!” XD get it cuz they are goats… no just me? Ah whatever. I walk out asriel's room and head to mom. “Mom where is the bathroom i have to… go”. “The bathroom… OH YEA the bathroom… here come with me.” we go downstairs. Is she gonna throw me out? Nope she led me to a secret bathroom hiding behind the stairs. “There you go my child… come back upstairs when you are done i want to… talk to you”. “Okey bye” i say as i slam the door. I walk towards the toilet and sit down… doing my business. Okey now it's time to wipe. AAH! OH NO i quickly run upstairs and yell “MOM MOM I NEED YOU TO COME WITH ME… NOW!”. “Okay my child… what is it…” “MY BANN- period came… do you get periods?” “my child! Is this your first one?... and of course i've had my period.” “no mom it isn't my first one… do you have any pads?” “i will be right back my child”. Mom comes back with big pads. “They are a bit too big?” “no they'll be fine”

CHAPTER NINETEEN sans pov. Toriel

Hey the kid has not called in a while it's been 2 hours. Ugh i miss her soooooo much- hey my phones ringing annies theme song fallen down. I answer “sup kiddo” “hey uh sans…” “yea?” “can you pick me up” “where ya at?” “moms- toriels house” “okay” i turn my phone off and teleport to tori's house. Ding dong. “Oh hello sans. What do you want?” … … … “lemme guess you want annie?” “um yes tori can i take her back home for a… sleepover?” “ugh okay sans… BUT DON'T DO ANYTHING WEIRD TO HER.” “okay tori”

CHAPTER TWENTY annie's pov… the evil  banana

“Knock knock” “who's there” “theodore” “theodore who” theodore was locked so i knocked… please let me in its “ “sans?” “yea” “come in and teleport us “ “ kiddo you wanted to talk?” “yea can we go somewhere no one will hear us?” “okay” we teleport to sans’ room. I walk to his bed and start a conversation
S: yea?
S: spit it out
A: my period came back
S:oh uh
A:he might think i'm dieing
S: oh true
A: yea but my tummy hurts and i just want to-
S: want a passcode for it?
A: the evil banana?
S: okay… erm we are alone for the night and tori told me you could sleep over
A: cewl what time is i-


“Hey annie i gotta grab something… two things… be right back” he teleported out his room and i sat there… on the ground. I checked the time… it was 3:36 after lunch. I picked up sans’ sock it was clean. “Hey kiddo sorry to keep you waiting i just couldn't find what i was looking for so i had to buy some more.” “some more what?” he grabbed the thing out of his pocket… it was a… pocky box. I started blushing so hard i looked like a tomato… or like i was constipated “ kiddo heh you look like you are constipated err are you okay?” “ yeah i'm fine sans… why did you buy pockys?” “so we can do this” sans grabs a pocky out the box and says “ here um have one” i grab it and stick it in my mouth. I start crunching it but sans bites the other end. I start crunching closer because i remember the septiplier youtube vid. One bite for me one bite for him two for me two him three me sans takes the last bite of the pocky and we start crunching the pocky but it broke. “sans … it's not that hard to kiss me” “...” i grab sans’ hands and scootch close so our feet touched then i close my eyes but then sans fainted.


“Sans???? Please stop fooling around…” he didn't get up so i quickly ran and got a phone book and searched for doctor alphys’ phone number. I found it thank god but i shackley typed the numbers in hoping it is not wrong number 777-200-7349. Bzz bzz “hello this is d-docter alphys” “hello um please hurry to theskelebros house!” “o-okay?” we hang up and i run over to sans and start crying. “Hello? S-someone need a doctor?” “yes ! sans f-fainted” “okay b-b-but he's still alive… oh i know” alphys does some operating to sans. “He's fine now… but why are there pockys all over the floor?” “um no reason but uh you can leave now” “okay bye”


I fell asleep next to sans. “Kiddo kiddo?” “aaah! Oh yes sans?” “ wanna go to grillbys?” “sure…” but we were already there before i could say no. grillbys was so… fancy for a fast food restaurant. The staff decorated the restaurant just for us. There was one table with two chairs and a candle. “Kiddo what do you want?” “... i want to not be on tv!” i yelled at the cameraman. They backed off and then i said “fries, spaghetti and some sprite please” grillbz left and quickly came back with what i wanted. “Thanks grillbz and my order is gonna be the usual” grillbz nodded and left quickly and came back quickly...again. We eat and then sans said “put it on my tab” then we left. We were in sans’ room again and i collapsed onto his bed staring at the ceiling


“Kiddo? What'cha wanna do?” “i dunno you choose” “okay” sans soon picks me up with his magic lifting me gently. Now he's moving me closer to him i try to run off but then we start kissing again. He lowered me to the ground and then fell onto his bed bringing me with him i pull away again. “I love you kiddo” i stare again and started to rest my head on his. “Kiddo you sleepy?” “yeah” i roll of him “well ya gotta get get dressed huh~?” gulp “yeah” “here's your clothes” sans grabs my shirt hem and slowly “helps” me take it off “sans i can get dressed myself” crap he saw my tummy scar “ kiddo!” he starts kissing my tummy scar. I push him gently away “please let me dress myself” “okay fine BUT dress right here” he points to the floor “o-o-ok-ka-a-a-ay” my whole head and face was turning into a tomato. I slipped my pants off and then remembered i still had my banana so no skellies seeing butts today! I grab my bruh strap but crack my wrist “OWW!” “kiddo here” he hands me a wrist cast thingy. Sans puts his cold bones on my back and then unhooks my bruh. I cringe. Sans flips to the other side of me and takes my straps and pulls my bruh off. “AAH SANS THAT'S PRIVATE!” i yell but he stares for 3 seconds then puts the light blue nightie over my head and i put my arms through. I plop onto sans’ bed and pulls the covers up and sans sings can't help falling in love but i sing along in my pretty voice no one has ever heard. We fall asleep cuddled up together

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