The Dragon Cat

The Dragon Cat

In a far away world, no light shimmers down, exept the moon, and the stars. The creater of this forbidden world has never been spoken of.. untill now.

published on September 26, 20152 reads 2 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.


Snowy looked out the window and dark grey clouds moved in. Snowy decided she would have a peek outside before it started raining. She stepped out the door, and she could already smell the moist rain smell. It must be a medium sized storm, though Snowy. Then, she heard a familiar voice. "Hey Snowy!" She turned around to see Musk, her neighbor. "Oh, Hi Musk. Do you think this storm's gonna be big? I can already scent it." Musk hopped down from the fence he was sitting on. " Yes, my owners looked at the news. It's gonna be huge." Musk replied. "Knew it.." mumbled Snowy. "Huh?" Musk asked. "I just said i knew it. I wish the rain came tomorrow, today was a beautiful day." Snowy said as she looked at the sunrise that was still visable. "Yeah, it kinda sucks. My owners moved here because back were we used to live, no rain! Or like, i mean, barely any." Musk mewed. Snowy sighed. " I bet there's a lot of thunder storms here, huh?" Asked Musk. " Yes, really. But, the bright side of having rain so often is that we don't have to worry about fire buring down owr houses, right?" Asked Snowy. " That's another reason why my owners came here. Less fires. And, my owner  and your owner are like, besties." Musk said slowly. Snowy looked at Musk's house. It was as big as hers, only hers had a fireplace. " Musk! Come back! Kitty Kitty!" Snowy heard Musk's owner call. " Gotta go, we'll chat later." Musk ran off. "OK!" Snowy said just before he sprinted back to where his owner was. His owner, Jayd, smiled at Snowy. Snowy trotted back inside her house, too.

                          "This is gonna be a bi storm alright!" Snowy's owner said. Snowy had another play mate, Spot, the dog that lived with her. She and Spot got along really well. Snowy went over and sat down next to Spot, and Spot Nodded his head toward their room. She climbed up on his back, and he carried her to their room. He put Snowy in her bed, and he plopped himself down  too. There was a crakle of thunder, and something is the house broke. Snowy looked around, and saw rain gushing in the house.
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