Behind A Screen

Behind A Screen

Two fangirls take over their cousin's popular tumblr blog thats hasn't been used in YEARS. The anime characters from AOT in the blog don't seem to really like that fact.

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Chapter 1.


"So how's life?"


Eren and the rest of the characters sat under a tree, a digital one of course. They weren't real people (Duh), they lived on a blog on tumblr. But they had been at peace for 3 years. It's owner only used the blog for a day or two, then decided the fandom life wasn't the life for him. 
        "Hey Jean," Said Eren.
        "What?" Asked Jean.
        "Did you know your titan kill count was..." Jean widened his eyes.
        "Don't you fucki-"
        "HALF as good as Marco's?!" Screeching, Jean tackled Eren to the ground. Mikasa sighed, walking over to the boys. She roundhoused Jean's face then dragged Eren away.

Armin danced in the tulips  wandered throughout the fake, fanart nature until he heard something. It sounded like Captain Levi... Moaning. He heard scratching and loud noises. Coming from the main building. He entered, the noises were getting louder. He bit his lip nervously and got closer to the noise. He opened the door. Then, he saw....

"What are you looking at brat?" Asked Heichou. He was in a cleaning outfit, holding a bottle of Windex, cleaning a window. "Shhh... Babes... Don't worry about him..." Levi slurred to the Windex. Armin walked away, wishing he had unseen that. But a rattling noise suddenly threw him to the ground. He looked up, a towering face looked at them through the usually black computer screen. 


"HEYY OMGGGG THIS ACCOUNT IS AWESOMEE!" Screeched the voice of a girl.

        "No..." mumbled Connie. Armin burst to tears. Erwin assured his eyebrows that everything would be alright. 

"Damn! I can't believe your cousin left this account! Thank Levi that he let you have it!" Said another girl beside her.

"Time for fanfic writing!!" Cheered the first girl said, her fingers quickly rapping on the keyboard. 

Levi ran out into the grassy fields, Windex in his hand. Hanji joined the others. In fact, all the villagers in all the walls were terrified by the sight. Actual. Fangirls.

"Oh hell no," said Sasha, as she fainted to the ground.
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Pretty great. Very creative as well. Good job.
on August 27
on May 14
much greatness 10/10 much luv
on May 12