Loveheart Cutie Brigade!: descent into madness

Loveheart Cutie Brigade!: descent into madness

This is the story of a girl and her amazing powers, and this guy she likes, and how she saves the world with her friends!

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Chapter 1.
Chapter 1: Loveheart and Cynthia Lockclaw

Chapter 1: Loveheart and Cynthia Lockclaw

Loveheart, the orphan, was at the cafeteria when she first met Cynthia. Cynthia Lockclaw was the new kid at school, and she was a fox-girl. It was that day that Loveheart began to hate her.

"Mind if I sit down here?" Loveheart asked. Cynthia answered with "Go ahead," and the two were seated at the lunch table. The two were eating school pizza until a particular boy came in.

The boy's name was Takeda. He, being the foreign exchange student, was Loveheart's crush, her senpai. Cynthia gave a signal to Takeda to sit over by them. He went to the table, and before he sat down, Cynthia flirted with him. "I wanna take you for a ride," she said with a wink.

Loveheart was much too shy to do anything so it ended up that Cynthia took her crush. By the end of lunch, Takeda already agreed to be Cynthia's boyfriend.

Loveheart was distraught at this, and hid over in the corner of the hallway just to cry. A voice spoke to her, causing her to look up. "M-My name is Crell!" spoke a Purple-Pig-Seal that got in her lap, "I offer you a contract." Loveheart shrieked, which people thought some other girl screamed for some reason.

Crell gave her a contract to sign. "Alllll sorts of m-magic for one price and three rules. Give m-me your signature, and I'll give you the powers IF you abide to the rules." "What rules?" asked Loveheart.

"The rules are simple... ONE. You don't EVER eat squirrels. TWO. Never look at a gorgon's butt. THREE...."

Loveheart had already signed before the third rule was spoken...
"BrING m-ME WEekly AMouNtS oF SoUlS."
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