Sonamy Christmas!

my first story so don judge me on spelling or other crap. but enjoy this christmas story about two amazing hedgehogs who are the BEST ship ever!

published on May 02, 201813 reads 7 readers 4 not completed
Chapter 1.

The crazy shopping!

Amy's pov

I am getting my place ready for the party. One thing is everyone is coming. Even Sonic! He would usually make an excuse and not go to my plans,but something is up with him. Even tails don't know what is wrong! I should continue with the getting ready,and I gotta stay positive. Even if he doesn't come, and with mom and dad dead. come on amy stay positive. you got this I can pull this off!

normal pov

So as amy was setting up the party we go to the jewlrey store.
Sonic:*sigh* I can't find one anywhere!
storekeeper:looking for something?
Sonic:yeah i'm looking for *whispers into the storekeepers ear*
storekeeper:aaahhh! we have just the thing for you then.*hands sonic a small box with cursive written one the top*
Sonic:*looks in box* it's perfect thx!
Sonic:*runs out store after paying it was expensive but anything for her*this is a perfect gift for ____!

sorry out of page next chapter 2
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Comments (4)

thx your the best ps i might have to get a new acount so when i do i'll try to find you but till then thx still. O:-)
on May 26, 2018
Not bad for a first story!
awww thx I'm so glad somebody actullay took me seriuos and read my story. your so awesome thx
I know how hard it is to make stories,I've made two that have been successful,and some sonic wwffy's
on May 03, 2018
on May 02, 2018
on May 02, 2018