The City #4

After her little encounter with Gilbert the wisp, she has then found out about the city. But things won't go so easily for her, knowing that something must be guarding the "marvelous" city that lays beyond the forest. This is where new people start to come into her life...

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"...Asmeya." He said FINALLY. (*cough*sorry*cough*) The city name sounded so familiar to her. But she brushed that thought away, wanting to know more about this city. Knowing that one of her relatives lived there.
"So uh... where exactly do we go to get there?" Magpie asked, with a bit of anxiety in her voice.
"Hmm... I know where to go..." Gilbert said walking around, not finishing his sentence.
Magpie looked around, waiting for him to finish.
"Okay... well how do I get there then?" Magpie asked.
"I? You mean i can't come?" He asked sadly.
"Oh! I mean you CAN come if you want." Magpie said hoping that she didn't hurt his feelings. His eyes lit up.
"Splended! Of course i want to come! But is there anything else you want to know about Asmeya before we go..?" He asked, expecting a couple of questions from the dragon.
"What do you mean?" Magpie wondered.
"I'm talking about the guardians, the jails, the rulers, the magic, the out laws, and such." He replied boredly.
"Well it would be nice to know about the guardians that guard the city..." She said, wondering if she should regret asking.
"Oh my dear, the guardian that guards this big and bright city is none other than the mighty spider monster themself. They don't have a name, but I assure you, they. Are. T E R R O F Y I N G." He said making the last part sound as extra dramatic as he could make it. She was silent for a moment, before breaking into a smile.
"But not as terrorfying as me!" She said jokingly.
"Okay fine, let me hear you're roar then." He replied getting a little cocky, not thinking she could be anymore "scarier" than she is already. She positioned her self, took a deep breath in. And let out a mighty roar that made the leaves on the trees seem like they were now shaking from fear. There was a loud echo through out the forest, leaving her smiling in pride. Gilbert on the other hand, was shocked. Suprised that a short dragon like her, make such a loud roar like that!
"Now that was impressive." He said, giving a little hand clap, "Bravo my friend! Bravo!"
"So how about that city?" She asked.
"Come along dear, we have a lot to talk about the city we're heading too." Gilbert said trotting away from the dragon, blabbering on and on about the city. It was early in the morning, so they'll get a good start on their journey to Asmeya

A/N: I'm so so so so so so so sorry for not posting any chapters!!!! But nobody reads this so I'm probably just talking to myself. Its the second day of summer vacation and i had some friends over.... Yes yes very busy. I will try to make more, and to make them more longer too. But its 11:06 PM so probably not. Ha. Well anyways, im gonna go now. Bye! And have a good summer/day/afternoon/night! ~OhHowLovely
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